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Being Good

Yes Shannon I am still being good… drinking my water and eating my healthy  lunch!  Thanks for checking on me.  I included my picture to verify I am not eating candy bars at the moment, namely Hersey’s!fat-girl


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I Caught Hershey’s Cheating On Me!


As I have said before Hershey’s and I have had an ongoing affair for over 30 years.  When Angie and I ventured out on our weight loss journey I finally told Hershey’s it was over.  It’s not like we have not had time apart before because we have. Our time apart is usually short lived though because Hershey’s continues to stalk me and I give into it’s seductive temptation.  The worst is when I am out in public especially a convenience store or grocery store.  It seems like my day will be going great and then I will turn a corner and there they are exposing all of their goodies to me.  It is incredibly embarrassing when I can’t resist and fall into temptation right  there in public.  I feel so shameful hiding the evidence on my way home to my family.  This time I am stronger though and I refuse to go back! 

So it should not be a surprise to see Hershey’s with someone else.  It has happened before I have seen them with men, women and children.  They have no preference, I think they take the discrimination thing waaay to far.  Then again who am I to judge?  However this time is different, it has hit me right in the heart!  Yesterday I was at the store with my best diet buddy ever Angie, shopping for healthy stuff of course.  I knew Hershey’s was in there I could smell them and I even glanced at their seductive attire as I quickly walked by the isle.  As strong I am right now nothing could have prepared me for what was waiting around the corner for me.  There they were in all of their chocolaty goodness, wrapped snuggly in the arms of another woman!  Usually I am able to contain my disappointment, but this time was the ultimate betrayal.  My best diet buddy ever, Angie was standing there caressing Hershey’s and laughing boisterously.  Two of my best buddies ever, together being sleazy right the in the middle of the store, in front of me! WWTFF!!!  No wonder she is a half bulimic, this has probably been going on for years.  I should have paid closer attention to the signs.

A very betrayed Shannon

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Fashion faux pas by the Fabulous Fatties!

Today’s fashion faux pas was a picture a friend of mine took this picture while on vacation in Mexico.  Apparantly, what happens in Mexico doesn’t always stay in Mexico!

Just in case any of you men out there didn’t know it is NOT a good idea to wear your daughters boy shorts, no matter how tempting it is!  I have seen these exact boy shorts on a 22 y.o. hottie with a matching halter top tankini and it looked great… difference – she is a girl!  Just because they are called boy shorts does NOT mean they are for boys or saggy old men for that matter!

My favorite part of this picture is the random people behind the dude looking at him in disgust!


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Fabulous Song Of The Day…Ride by Martina McBride

Our song of the day today is Ride.  I like the story in the song.  If you want to suggest a song of the day leave it in the comment box. 

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Do you think I could be considered half way bulimic if I consistently binge, but never quite get to the purging part?  I have told people before that I am half  bulimic and they usually look at me similar to how they would if I said I was from another planet here to take their brain and change them into a unicorn.


I am just sayin’ up until last Monday I was the best half bulimic… consistently binging.

From half bulumic to struggling healthy biotch, and soon to be super hot and healty chick!

by, the wonderful beautiful and intelligent Angie


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Fabulous Song Of The Day..For Our Online Friends!

We choose this song today because it makes us think of ourselves and our online friends.  What would we do without you all!  Thanks for making us feel so very fabulous 🙂

Love The Fab Fatties XO

Apparently the embedding has been disabled so here is the link to the youtube video.  Worth watching!

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Subliminal Messages


Sometimes there are little signs.  Subliminal messages everywhere you turn.  Does that ever happen to you?  Well lately it has been happening to me a lot.  For example yesterday I was at our local super store.  I love to go down the book isle and see what is new.  I don’t know why I do it I never buy a book unless someone else has told me how wonderful it is. Even then the odds are slim.  I Guess I just like to look smart in the book isle 🙂  As I am looking at all of the books on display I started noticing a theme.
·         23  Minutes In Hell
·         Love Your Life
·         Never Give Up
·         Might As Well Laugh At It Now
While I was standing there it occurred to me that these books were trying to tell me something.  They were either trying to tell me that way to many people are messed up, myself excluded.  Or that I am going to hell so I better love my life and never give up so I can laugh about it later.  I still have not quite figured out which one it is because I prefer to live in a state of denial and pretend like my life is perfect!
Okay so let’s pretend like my life is not perfect…now this is waaay out there!  How do I decipher this subliminal gift that was sent my way?  Let’s start with the first book, 23 Minutes In Hell.  If I choose one aspect of my life to compare to hell…well it would be my body image and weight.  Although there have been 20+ YEARS in hell not only minutes.  When I look at pictures taken through out my life I immediately notice how fat I looked at the time.  Rarely do I think positive things about the pictures when I see them.  There are a couple that stand out in my mind. My Junior Prom, my thoughts are… I had to get one of the largest dresses in the store and my date stood me up, so my sweet cousin stepped in to save the day…Thanks Jake.  That is a true story!   By the way the idiot who stood me up is serving a prison sentence because he is a major loser…ahhh sweet revenge. 🙂 
The second picture is either my 17th or 18th birthday and I have a freakin’ weight watchers cake with a candle in it.  I hate that picture!  Not only was I fat but I have a picture of a fat girl with a mini cake that only 1 candle could fit on!  That is why I do not know if it is my 17th or 18th birthday.   There are way to  many pictures to remind me that my self image problem has been going on far to long.
Book 2 Love Your Life.  It has taken my up until I was about 33 to really love my life.  So yes I will admit I have bought a book or two that are considered “Self Help”.  Amazingly with the right frame of mind they can be quite effective.  I have been able to let go of a lot of the little things that really don’t matter.  When you do that you create positive energy and it just keeps growing.  It really is awesome!  Go ahead try one I won’t tell anybody you need help.
Book 3 Never Give Up.  Now this can mean many things.  It could mean that I should never give up trying to find my fabulous body underneath all of this fat.  It could mean as long as I keep working towards developing a better self image, that no matter what the scale and society say, it will be okay.  It could also mean that even though Hershey’s is everywhere I go they will eventually get the hint and quit trying to seduce me with their hugs and kisses.
Book 4 Might as Well Laugh at it Now.  Well this is my favorite.  I think that way because if I didn’t laugh about it all then what?  I have said a few times that today I am stronger than yesterday.  The strength is coming from being able not to sweat the small stuff.  Yes I have a long way to go but each day I am getting closer to a better me.  What more can I say to that?!


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