Here we go… on Monday that is!

We are not really eating cookies and drinking Pepsi...well we are but like we said it all starts Monday!

We are not really eating cookies and drinking Pepsi…well we are but it all starts Monday right?!

Well…we are a couple of friends who both need to lose weight.  We got this crazy idea that if we were to blog about our weight loss journey it might give us incentive to do better and stay on track.  So we are off on Monday 4/20/2009   

Some things you may want to know if you are going to follow us and be one of our fabulous friends:

1. This is all about fun!  You have to be able to laugh at your fabulous fat self or you would cry and we don’t want that!

2. We are rarely serious! Sarcasm is so very funny to us :)

3. Even though we could both probably tell you exactly how to lose weight because we have tried everything…neither of us know exactly we what are doing and we have no credentials whatsoever in weight loss and nutrition! 

4. On a positive note…like we mentioned above, we have tried it all and we will openly share our experiences with you and hope you will do the same. 

5. We want FABULOUS friends so please send us your experiences and pictures that you would like to share on our blog anytime.

Make it a Fabulous Day!

Angie and Shannon


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