Day 1, hour 3…

Some times you even have to count the minutes!  I am excited and off to a great start.  Today I even packed a lunch and it doesn’t include Dr. Pepper (my favorite vice).  Today I am focusing on drinking water, I will be counting calories (staying under 1600) and staying active.  Who knows I might even get all crazy after work and clean my wreck (a.k.a. home).  I know this is going to be the diet that works because Shannon will make me be good, for the most part.  Honestly, I will probably have a Dr. Pepper today, but only 1.

Weightloss is a journey, not a destination!  Take one day/moment at a time and focus on the positive.  For me feeling great, improving my health and increasing energy is what will get me there.  Of course weightloss is the reason I am here, but the pounds won’t fall of if I am good for one day so I have to focus on the immediate results for the time being.

Best of luck to all of you working towards your goals!



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