I am Superwoman!


Okay so today feels really good!  I choose SUPERWOMAN for several reasons.  First it is because I have to song stuck in my head so it got me thinking.  Second it is because if you are a mom (or Dad SUPERMAN) you automatically qualify as a superwoman.  Third you almost have to have super powers to change your eating habits! 

Yesterday went really well.  We both were able to stay under our calorie limit…YEAH!  Not only that we went on a 4 mile bike ride and did not pass out.  So all in all it was a good day.  The bike ride was interesting.  Have you seen the seats that come on bikes these days?  LITTLE!  Angie mentioned a comment that someone made about a fat woman on a bike and it looked like her butt was going to swallow the seat.  LOL   Very possible if you look at the size of seats that come with your average bike.  Not to mention they can make you a bit sore in places that you would rather not be sore!  So while riding our bikes we could not help but think if that is the image people had in their head as we rode by…more than likely 🙂 

So off on day 2 and the future is looking bright.  Today we are one step ahead of yesterday and as long as we keep going we will never be as unhealthy as yesterday.  That is an awesome thought!   The support we are getting from this blog and our new friends at twitter is FABULOUS!   Thank you so much!  Don’t forget to send us your stories and pictures along with your website or blog link!  email: fabfatties@aol.com

Here’s the song: Superwoman by Alicia Keys


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