Zebra Attacked By Missile

Okay this post is a true story but not about a real Zebra so do not panic!  I had to go shopping the other day for spring because do not have anything that fits.  My closet is stuffed to the top and I have nothing that fits…SAD.   Of course I had to shop in the plus sizes that I swore I would never ever shop in again.  It seemed like everything had large print on it.  Some flowers some swirls and a lot of animal print.  I don’t get it, do they think that if you put large print on a large person it makes us look smaller?  After sorting through everything I chose several shirts and one of them was a zebra print…I liked the cut.  I figured it did not matter much because I will be fitting into my thinner clothes soon. 

So to the missile.  If you ever wonder how things look to others ask a kid.  Some kids will be nice and some kids will flat out tell you the truth good and bad.  Yesterday I wore my zebra shirt.  It was a busy day I went probably 7 or 8 public places and felt pretty good to be so brave and um…fashionable?!  Then it was time for scouts, I am the leader of the 10-11 year old boys.  The activity was to write 6 words using code symbols for letters.  Then we passed each paper around for us all to solve.  Okay there is this boy named Andrew who I LOVE.  The reason I love him is because you never ever know what will pop out of his mouth at any given time.  He is hilarious and adorable!  As we are solving the code words I get his paper.  I had noticed he kept looking at my shirt and did not think much of it.  So I was the 3rd person to get his paper and I noticed the first 2 words…..Zebra, Attacked.  Still oblivious I solved the next word…Missile.  Then it hit me as I read it all again Zebra, Attacked, Missile.  So apparently my shirt brought out his world domination side!  My husband thought it was hilarious as it was, but all I can think is I am SOOOOO glad I did not buy a cow or elephant print! 1-zebra



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3 responses to “Zebra Attacked By Missile

  1. cristina banuelos

    big chuckle! all that matters is that YOU felt cute wearing it…

    • weightlosswiththefabulousfatties

      Cute enough I may attempt it again today….He is ony 10 years old so the odds of a double missile attack are slim. Right?!

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