Yesterday I was talking with a friend about other peoples expectations and what she expects in return and it came to me… We need to take responsibility for what we create and what we call into our lives.  I truly believe we teach people how to treat us and we create our lives.  In my case that must mean I am truly clinically crazy because I have created a crazy busy life!  Also, I have created this fat that surrounds my HOT body that is somewhere underneath waiting to be revealed.

The other part of my epiphany is that we can’t expect anyone else to make things happen for us.  In other words I can’t sign up for Weight Watchers, Jenny Craig, etc. and expect to lose weight with out much effort.  I know, this seems so simple, but it came to me strong yesterday.

Relating to my weightloss journey… I get to take responsibility for my weight, regardless of all outside situations and influences and I have full responsibiliy to take control and create a healthy lifestyle!  Wow… that is impowering!

Today I am focusing on being responsible for what I have created and accepting responsibility for the change I want to see.  I know I am a thin healthy hottie underneath all this extra fat… It’s about damn time to reveal it!

Keep checking back… you don’t want to miss the revealing of two FABULOUS hotties!



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7 responses to “Epiphany…

  1. Awesome post! And soooooo very true!

  2. Congrats on the epiphany. Now if the rest of America would follow.

  3. I love this post! I’ve lost a lot of weight permanently (minus 70 lbs over 9 years ago) and I’ve been working with clients in many ways since… I work internally – body, mind, spirit – and I’ve come to believe we all have a “true core body” deep inside that we need to connect to. So, I especially resonated with that part of your “a-ha” moment. Can I send you a complimentary copy of my CD, “Discover Your True Core Body”? Maybe it’ll be helpful to you – it’s helped many people “know” what they’re heading towards as they lose weight.

    It’s so much easier to lose weight when you know what you’re creating, instead of wondering and fearing that it won’t be what you really want when you get there! (Our fears are so inhibiting!)

    (You can read more about it here: http://www.patbarone.com/TrueCoreBodyCDs.htm)

    Pat Barone
    America’s Weight Loss Catalyst

  4. Last post for the day I promise. :=)

    Think about adding this to your epiphany. As long as the goal is just to loose weight it looses momentum when you get close to goal. Along the same lines of being responsible for your own choices expand that idea a bit.

    Set your goal for optimal health. This is an ongoing process and has various phases and levels of achievement. It then becomes a life long habit and has it’s own force and purpose. And then when you reach optimal you can set the next goal for longevity. This all comes together as a motivation to make healthy choices more often then not.

    You got your thinking hat on and going in all the right directions on your journey. Keep it up!

    • weightlosswiththefabulousfatties

      Never promise the last post of the day! We love receiving feedback, input and suggestions!

      I totally agree with you on this… it is such a good reminder.

      Thank you!

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