Our Diet Buddies



You should never underestimate the power of diet buddies!  When we started this life changing venture 4 days ago we were hoping that we would get a couple of people following us and helping us stay accountable.  WOW were we wrong!  We have so many wonderful people that are giving us advice and help.  We have had help with our diet, exercise, cheers for good things and support that it will be better when we encounter bad things.  We consider you all our diet buddies!

We have been told over and over that your success rate increases when you have a buddy.  So if you do not have one yet you just gained 2!  Not only that we will hook you up with all of  our other FABULOUS diet buddies we are meeting everyday.  This is a journey of change and even though you have to initiate the change you never have to be alone!  Drop us a comment, email or follow us on twitter.

MAKE it a Great Day!



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4 responses to “Our Diet Buddies

  1. cristina banuelos

    so true…sometimes it’s lonely and easier to give up when there is no encouragement. The support that a “community” offers could be advice, valuable information(like your great “related posts”) or just a simple kind word. Thanks for creating this-only 4 days old?!

    • weightlosswiththefabulousfatties

      Thank you! It is amazing how it all comes together and yes we started on monday getting this out there. The support we are getting is amazing so thank youvery much!

  2. There really are amazing, supportive people out there who want you/us to succeed! My blog and my Twitter account have led me to meet some seriously excellent online buddies :). Glad you’re having the same experience.

  3. Great post! Just wanted to let you know you have a new subscriber- me!

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