Fabulous Food Friday!

Okay, so I just had to share what I would call a success.  At my work every Friday we go get some yummy food for lunch.  Today, I said no thanks I am on a freakin diet and ate my turkey sandwich on wheat.  It was pretty good, but the feeling of making a good choice for me was even better than those yummy english chips!  I feel great!  This may seem small to some of you, but to me this small choice is HUGE!

It is like our motivational song of the day by Miley Cyrus “The Climb”!  This is what life is about for me… enjoy the journey and celebrate everything that puts you closer to your goals!



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3 responses to “Fabulous Food Friday!

  1. cristina banuelos

    yes-that’s an awesome feeling of being in control of that sandwich and not letting those greasy, too salty, artery clogging chips seduce you (hey i think name-calling is appropriate here and I bet they’re ugly too!)

  2. Yes! Congrats each victory adds up to knowing it is all about you and not about the food people see you eat. Health by choice is a sweet meal indeed.

    Food is fuel and you made a higher octane choice … Good for you.

  3. Baby steps, baby! I think it’s a huge win to say no to takeout at work. It’s tough, but only for a few minutes right? Love the blog, you’re off to a great start (blog-wise AND small-victories-wise)!

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