Things that make you go hmm…

Do you ever see, read or hear something and think hmm???  We do that often and sometimes we wonder if it is just us.  So that is the inspiration for this post.  This is an input post so we are looking for your comments and opinions.  Make a top 10 list of things that really just do not make sense to you and send them our way.  The Most Fabulous list will be featured with your link on Wednesday 4/29/2009. 

Here is our Top 10 List of Things that Make you go hmm… 

  1. Plus Sized Panties that have a huge heart on the back side with flashing lights…maybe they should have a beeper as well…hmm 
  2.  When someone tells you that you Can’t…um whatever!…hmm
  3. A Diet Coke with a supersized Big Mac meal…hmm 
  4. Fat chicks in belly shirts…hmm
  5. Serious people…seriously?!…hmm 
  6. Thongs that are not meant for feet…hmm
  7.  A woman wearing a t-shirt with a big pig on the front and back…really we saw it!…hmm
  8. When you run and you get boob-lash…Ouch!…hmm  
  9.  2 fat women riding bikes and you can’t even see the seats.  That was us :)…hmm
  10. My 3 year old son saying he has a big belly and he is going to have a baby.  What’s mommy going to have a dinosaur?!…hmm



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