Simply Saturday


You may have noticed there is not a lot going on today on our blog.  We have decided to kind of take a bit of a blogging break on the weekends.  HOWEVER, we are not taking a break from exercise and healthy eating.  We are having so much fun with our blog and twitter and are always thinking of fabulous things we can do with it.

It’s Saturday and I (Angie) am working, or supposed to be, but apparently I am blogging. 🙂  Has anyone with a desk job tried to sit on an exercise  ball while at work?  A couple years back I was seeing a nutritionist who recommended I try this.  I didn’t at the time, but have done it a few times more recently, and am in fact sitting on a sleek silver excecise ball as we speak.  I recommend everyone this this as it does use some muscle’s for balancing (legs, stomach and booty).  Oh… I just had a great thought!  I am renaming this exercise ball to my blogging ball and I will force myself to sit on it when ever I am blogging or twittering.

However, this advice does come with a WARNING!

  • Do not reach for items out of your reach, the ball will roll and you will fall flat on your face.
  • Do not try to scoot the ball, it does not have wheels like your cushy office chair and you will fall.
  • People will look at you like you are crazy!  Now I am used to this type of reaction from people.  One lady I work with calls me her “eccentric friend” but some of you may be more sensitive than I to others reactions.
  • Co-workers will probably steal your ball when you leave your desk to go potty and you will have to hunt it down, which unfortunately decreases productivity.  Bit of Advice: always check the supply closet first!
  • When standing up do not scoot your ball back you will fall on your head and have a minor concussion.  Most employers will expect you to still work with a minor concussion.
  • Do not lean forward to get a closer look at your computer screen while on the exercise ball as you will face plant into your desk and get a bloody nose and possibly some mouth bleeding.
  • If you suck in your gut and sit tall while on the exercise ball you will get tired at a quicker rate.

I’m just sayin’ sit on the ball with caution!

Have a FABULOUSweekend and eat a brownie for me, preferably one with chocolate chips, white chocolate chips and pecans.  I had a skinny friend once tell me nothing tastes as good as thin feels.  I think she believed that so I never shared my brownies with her!

FabFattie Out!



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5 responses to “Simply Saturday

  1. weightlosswiththefabulousfatties

    A…You may want to mention that if you sit down on the ball to fast it can become a projectile…..Love S

  2. cristina banuelos

    the kiddies love mine too-reminds of the episode of The Office with Dwight & his ball-hee-hee-hee

  3. Hey, I’m an “eccentric friend” type of person too! I don’t think anyone at the office has the capacity to be surprised by anything I do anymore.

  4. That is a GREAT IDEA. It does wonder for your core!! I just read something – can’t remember where – (too many blogs, too many Tweets) that said that people could burn 500 calories a day just from small, extra movements like fidgeting. Sitting on a ball could really do the trick. I’m gonna try it – my office chair sucks anyway.

  5. My “desk chair” at home is an exercise ball that rests in a base. It’s pretty cool … but it’s much more stable and doesn’t offer the same benefits as a plain ball, I’m sure.

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