The Choice Is Yours…..


Yesterday was a very good day!  My family and I (Shannon) went to a motor-cross event thingy in SLC.  I have to admit all week I was thinking in the back of my mind “Mrrhahaha, I will get to eat anything I want because we are going out and I will have no choice”.  So the Evil S part of me was sort of planning on feasting on Saturday.  As Saturday grew closer my mind set started to change.  What has happened with our blog and twitter in just a week has been insane and FABULOUS!  I feel like you are all watching me and I need to do better, be better and try harder.   The accountability that comes with this little buzz that has generated here in my computer seems to be the key for me.  So thank you!

As we were driving to SLC I was really thinking this through.  I figured if we could go somewhere that I have limited choices like soup and salad I would be able to keep my composure and not over eat.  As we were talking about where to go…mind you I am in the car with 4 boys ages 8-15 and my husband the meat and potatoes guy.  Everyone wanted to go to our favorite place CHUCK-A-RAMA!  It is an all you can Chuck down Buffet and it is SO very tasty.  I tried to fight the battle…but as I turned and looked into the eyes of my gaunt 95 pound 8 year old I gave in.  I KNOW!  So off we went to the buffet.  The Evil S side of me did pop her little head out and say “It’s okay you tried it’s completely out of your control now so just bag it”!  Then like a little ray of sunshine as we were walking into the buffet I read the slogan “The choice is yours at Chuck-A-Rama”.  How ironic is that?!  Between the all you can Chuck $12 buffet’s slogan, all of you followers and my Best Diet Buddy ever Angie…I made the right choices!  Angel S won this battle and could not be prouder 🙂  Chalk up another mini victory on my road to Fabulosity! 

Today just call me….Angel S

P.S. Incase you need a meat and potaoes Sunday meal…this is today’s menu!  Love , Evil S




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2 responses to “The Choice Is Yours…..

  1. That is so so impressive!! LOVE that slogan “the choice is yours.” How true.

    Also, loved what you said about blogging and Twittering helping, that it helps with accountability and that “everyone is watching” – but in a GOOD way.

    Buffets are one of the most challenging situations EVER and you did awesomely. Brava!!!

  2. cristina banuelos

    big chuckle-love the name-chuck-o-rama. You are so brave. I will not even attempt our local buffet place for awhile and I don’t know if I’ll even do so with the intention of being Angel Cristy. So kudos to you Shannon! Mark one for the patron saint of awesome choices!

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