6 Pounds Closer to Fabulousness!

1weiWeek 1 down and conquered!  I (Shannon) lost 6 pounds this week…I cannot believe it!   So many times before Monday was the day to start over and here we are 1 week down instead.  Being the serial dieter that I am, this week has been relatively easy.  I am attributing that to my most fabulous friend and #1 Diet Buddy Angie.  Swallowing my pride and telling my close family and friends, who are very supportive.  Along with all of our other Diet Buddies we have met in this past week.  A very strong support system indeed! 

My most proud moments of this past week have been:

  • I exercised 3 days!  Was shooting for 4 but I used rain as an excuse 🙂
  • I did not eat a fast food meal all week! 
  • Hershey’s did not go out of business, so I must not have been eating as much chocolate as I thought. 🙂
  • I kicked the buffet’s A**!
  • I was able to keep control when I thought I could not.
  • My wedding ring almost fits…I think it will by next week 🙂 There will be a whole post on this one!
  • My pants are not as snug.
  • My face does not look as puffy.
  • I am happier and feel better about myself!
  • I have a strong sense that I am going to win the battle this time 🙂 Hallelujah!

All of that only in 1 week!  WOW!  It is so exciting knowing that each day I am stronger and healthier than the day before.  Weight is such a hinder and it is so very frustrating to think of all of the things I have missed and in turn that my family has missed because of my weight.  This summer is going to be different.  Dammit, I am going to enjoy it!  They do make plus sized swimsuits.  Until I need them no longer and I will wear one proudly knowing that soon enough I will have to get a new one, a smaller one that looks HOT!

Thanks for all of your support!

Much Love, Angel S



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8 responses to “6 Pounds Closer to Fabulousness!

  1. 6lbs down, that is great! You are rockin’ it!

  2. hope you can keep it up — time for me to start another one, after this week’s doctor’s appointment I guess

  3. cristina banuelos

    Oh I’m so happy for you! Sending you positive vibes for another awesome week!

  4. Tina

    Good going gals! I just started back to WW last Wednesday and then found you on Twitter, then found your site. I don’t think my 1st week will be as good as yours, but at least we’re all on track and it feels good!

  5. You both lost 6 lbs each?! That is amazing and wonderful!! Go go go girls!

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