Fabulous Friends Of The Day

Today our Fabulous Friend Post Swap is with our crazy friends the Random Anorexics.  Don’t panic they are being very sarcastic.  That’s why we love them so much!  They like us are in a battle with weight and express it in the most hilarious ways.  Note to you…yes you reading this.  If you are to serious then sorry you probably won’t like their stuff and FYI they are potty mouths…Again another reason we find them so fabulous.  To visit their site click here    Also if you would like to do a post swap let us know!

Random Anorexics Know Best

The most obvious advice we can give to a person trying not to be fat — and one that Skinny Lady and I forget to follow on occasion — is to stay away from places that sell food when you’re hungry. Following are some examples as to what may occur should you fail to comply:

  • You eat a blini (a Russian crepe) from a farmer’s market for lunch. Then you stop by Whole Foods on the way home and buy a falafel wrap and eat that for lunch too.
  • Your husband finds you in the bread aisle at the grocery store 25 minutes after sending you there. You can’t decide on just one loaf and would have bought three if Skinny Man didn’t show up.
  • You impulsively buy fattening food and snacks and then impulsively eat them at home just to get it out of your sight.
  • You wake up early on a Monday morning and ask your husband to make you french toast with the pumpkin walnut bread you stupidly purchased the day before when you went to the market hungry.



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