Subliminal Messages


Sometimes there are little signs.  Subliminal messages everywhere you turn.  Does that ever happen to you?  Well lately it has been happening to me a lot.  For example yesterday I was at our local super store.  I love to go down the book isle and see what is new.  I don’t know why I do it I never buy a book unless someone else has told me how wonderful it is. Even then the odds are slim.  I Guess I just like to look smart in the book isle 🙂  As I am looking at all of the books on display I started noticing a theme.
·         23  Minutes In Hell
·         Love Your Life
·         Never Give Up
·         Might As Well Laugh At It Now
While I was standing there it occurred to me that these books were trying to tell me something.  They were either trying to tell me that way to many people are messed up, myself excluded.  Or that I am going to hell so I better love my life and never give up so I can laugh about it later.  I still have not quite figured out which one it is because I prefer to live in a state of denial and pretend like my life is perfect!
Okay so let’s pretend like my life is not perfect…now this is waaay out there!  How do I decipher this subliminal gift that was sent my way?  Let’s start with the first book, 23 Minutes In Hell.  If I choose one aspect of my life to compare to hell…well it would be my body image and weight.  Although there have been 20+ YEARS in hell not only minutes.  When I look at pictures taken through out my life I immediately notice how fat I looked at the time.  Rarely do I think positive things about the pictures when I see them.  There are a couple that stand out in my mind. My Junior Prom, my thoughts are… I had to get one of the largest dresses in the store and my date stood me up, so my sweet cousin stepped in to save the day…Thanks Jake.  That is a true story!   By the way the idiot who stood me up is serving a prison sentence because he is a major loser…ahhh sweet revenge. 🙂 
The second picture is either my 17th or 18th birthday and I have a freakin’ weight watchers cake with a candle in it.  I hate that picture!  Not only was I fat but I have a picture of a fat girl with a mini cake that only 1 candle could fit on!  That is why I do not know if it is my 17th or 18th birthday.   There are way to  many pictures to remind me that my self image problem has been going on far to long.
Book 2 Love Your Life.  It has taken my up until I was about 33 to really love my life.  So yes I will admit I have bought a book or two that are considered “Self Help”.  Amazingly with the right frame of mind they can be quite effective.  I have been able to let go of a lot of the little things that really don’t matter.  When you do that you create positive energy and it just keeps growing.  It really is awesome!  Go ahead try one I won’t tell anybody you need help.
Book 3 Never Give Up.  Now this can mean many things.  It could mean that I should never give up trying to find my fabulous body underneath all of this fat.  It could mean as long as I keep working towards developing a better self image, that no matter what the scale and society say, it will be okay.  It could also mean that even though Hershey’s is everywhere I go they will eventually get the hint and quit trying to seduce me with their hugs and kisses.
Book 4 Might as Well Laugh at it Now.  Well this is my favorite.  I think that way because if I didn’t laugh about it all then what?  I have said a few times that today I am stronger than yesterday.  The strength is coming from being able not to sweat the small stuff.  Yes I have a long way to go but each day I am getting closer to a better me.  What more can I say to that?!


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7 responses to “Subliminal Messages

  1. imacamper

    So true, so true! Advertisers have long know that the subconscious messages are much more powerful than the conscious ones. How many times after seeing an ad on TV have you found yourself craving that chocolate, Coke, burger, or whatever? I’m learning how to take that same power and channel it for my own benefit. It’s really interesting and really amazing how much it’s helping me, not only with my fat burning efforts (notice I didn’t say “weight loss” – no one likes to “lose” anything), but with all aspects of my life.

  2. What is a weight watchers cake? A cupcake?!? That is so sad.

    • weightlosswiththefabulousfatties

      A weight watchers cake is a little square frozen thing that should never be consumed as a birthday cake!

  3. cristina banuelos

    and that’s the thing Shannon-you are being more and more aware of your place in this journey towards self-improvement. It’s like the mourning process in a way-but this one ends with F.U. I can do this!

    • weightlosswiththefabulousfatties

      I am with you on that one! lol I can’t believe you put F.U. on here you are always so sweet. Don’t let us corrupt you! You are awesome lol!

      • cristina banuelos

        I know -sorry-no more potty mouth (don’t block me:) For me sometimes a little well placed aggression can be a neccessary spark-and once you get rolling the beautiful, serene zen can be in control(well, most of the time…)

      • weightlosswiththefabulousfatties

        We would never ever block you! Place your aggression wherever necessary I was just teasing you a little because you really are just so cute and sweet I just had to tease you!

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