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Are you kidding!


For some reason we are having animal issues in bulk around here.  Now I am a huge animal lover, but even I have a limit.  FYI the baby birds lived 6 days on protein shake then they died.  They stuck around just long enough for us all to become attached, we tried, every 30 minutes for 6 days we tried!

Then there is my little girl Licky running around right now with a cone on her head!  Poor thing, it is so funny and so sad at the same time.  She got bit or stung by something and had a reaction.  They had to shave the hair off both of her ears and top of her nose.  Everyone already teases her about her underbite and pigeon toes.  Now she is going around running into things…FUNNY!   The poor thing has no chance.

chelseaThen there is Chelsea, the gift that keeps on giving.  She is here with us AGAIN at home #5 we were also home #3 but she got returned after a year.  Enough said.  It is possible to love animals and really dislike a dog.  Angie and I were joking that she could be the grand prize for challenge #2, sounds great to me 🙂

The only down side is she stinks, scratches up your couches, pee’s wherever she wants has $100 and $100 of dollars in vet bills.  Oh and she talks, at 5 a.m. because she wants a treat NOW!  She is sounding like a good grand prize to a lucky winner…lol.

Saturday mornings are the day that strange animals come through my door in the arms of my children.  Last week I told all of them “NO MORE ANIMALS!”  They laughed and ignored me, but I really meant it.  Then the unexpected happend yesterday morning.  My husband who likes to think he is not an animal lover comes walking in the house.  I look at him and in his arms is a freakin’ chihuahua! WT*ziggy

My response was “No, no, no, no!”  Lawrence laughed sat the little dog down and left.  Seriously people what is the deal?!  To me it looks like we have a second place prize for our challenge.  How lucky are we?  He even has been looked at by the vet loved by my children and given a name, Ziggy all in one day. 

I really feel like someone is playing a joke on me.  What did  do to deserve this? I have come to terms with Chelsea but Ziggy has to find a home SOON!

If one more person brings an animal in my door.  I think I may pack myself up and send me off as the first place prize for the challenge.  Challengers watch out!  If you win you never know what you may get in the mail! lol

Not sure about being an animal lover, Shannon



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Challenge Question 3

Who has Shannon been having an affair with for over 30 years?  Hint: It is not a person. lol

*remember email answer do not put it in comment section.

BONUS!  Follow @marsharella on twitter and get 10 extra  points!  Just for fun make sure you keep track of your points!

**Answer: Hershey’s

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Appreciate each moment.

1 dance

I wanted to do a real quick post this morning.  I realized with the challenge going on I have not written much this week and I am always full of things to say, lol.  I am not sure why but this morning I feel like I need to point out the things that I am grateful for.  A couple of little things happened yesterday that made me think “holy crap I need to quit being a whiner”.  When I get overwhelmed with to many things on the to do list I get whinny and awnry.  It is so stupid because it is not like they are bad things on the list.  They are things like cleaning the house, grocery shopping, graduation BBQ’s, my scout troop is coming over for fishing, end of school parties things like that.  Most of it is fun stuff it just also happens to all fall in 1 day! 

Yesterday I was running around doing  my errands being awnry about it with my son Anthony.  You know those days that there is just never enough time or money no matter how hard you try?  It was that kind of day.  Then me and my rotten attitude went to the store.  I was being snappy with my son and running around in my rush trying to get things done.  Then I came a round a corner and there was this woman.  She was in a wheel chair, it was very obvious she was battling cancer and she was all alone.  I smiled as I passed by her and immediately I thought I am so ungrateful!  Then I come home get on line and met yet another dear friend who is unable to conceive a child, I have met 2 wonderful women on here who are having that issue.  We also have a friend we met here on line who just found out her son has cancer.  

Here I am perfectly healthy, mad because I am able to attend all of the fun things in life with my wonderful husband and 3 healthy children.  I guess my whole point is when it all comes down to it we need to appreciate all of the things we are able to do.  All of the blessings we have and beautiful people in our lives.  We need to stop letting the little things over shadow the bigger things and live in the moment because we never know what tomorrow may bring.

I have this saying on my wall in my bedroom, ” Dream as if you will live forever, live as if you only have today.”  I am going to try to live each moment I have rather than rushing through it each day.  Really there will never be enough money to make it all work, that’s just life.  There will never be enough time to do everything, but we can make the most of the time we have. 

I am going to start cooking breakfast for my 7 little scouts that will be here shortly and I am so grateful I have the ability to cook for them and teach them how to fish.  This is going to be a great day and I am looking forward to every moment I have to enjoy it!



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Second Challenge Question

What day did we start out on this Fabulous adventure?   Hint: It is on a page not one of the posts.

Answer: April 20. 2009

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The Fab Fattie Challenge #2 Has Began!

1 exercise ladyWe are so excited to begin this fabulous challenge and for the opportunity to participate with 61 fabulous friends!  This is going to be a great time to step up and make our goals happen.  We added a FAQ’s page on our blog just for this challenge so check there first if you have questions and you can ask a question in the comment box.

*You can still join!  email us your information and the rules are the same but you will not be able to qualify for the main prizes.  There will be a winner chosen out of the fashionably late and 1 will win a prize.  You can also still get 25 points for each recruit the whole challenge so keep the word out there!

Remember this challenge is meant to work for everybody and so it gives many options and ways you can earn points.  Do as many as you can, but don’t overwhelm yourself or feel like you have to do everything.  Do your best and choose to make positive choices!

Also, the challenge mentioned a question of the day… Here it is…

Name two things Shannon has tried to lose weight in the past and two things Angie has tried to lose weight in the past.

The answer is somewhere on our blog, but you must find it and email us. Please don’t put your answer in the comments or you will give it away.

So… get ‘er done folks!



Shannon & Angie


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Today is the last chance to Join Challenge #2!!!

First Make sure you read Angie’s latest post “Taking Care” just below this post.  It is great and I don’t want to see it get lost in the shuffle of our challenge.  She is inspiring and I am so glad she is my diet buddy!  Shannon

Okay today is the last day to sign up for fab fatties challenge #2!  We have had a huge response and it is really exciting.  So join today bring people on board and we will get started tomorrow.  Tonight we will be sending out an email with a tracking list you can use if you would like.  The list was made by our fabulous buddy FOODIE MCBODY Thanks Foodie!  So here are the rules as of right now there are 16 hours and 45 minutes to join.  You can get points today by bringing people on.  Join Us, Join Us, Join Us!

The Long awaited Fab Fattie Challenge #2 has finally arrived!

This will be a 2 week challenge based on point system.  You can earn points by living healthy, being kind and eating well.  We are excited to kick this challenge off and hope you will join us!

*Eat 5 servings of fruits and vegetables daily- 5 points

*Drink 8 glasses of water a day- 8 points

*Exercise- 1 point per minute

*Do a random good deed- 5 points

*Stop drinking soda pop for a day- 1 point

*Actually read someone else’s blog post and leave a comment- 1 point

* Answer our Fab Fatties random bonus questions about us- 5 points

            -Bonus questions will be posted daily on our blog.

* Recommend 2 fabulous friends from twitter and tell us why we should follow them- 2 points

* Eat a healthy breakfast-1 point

* Lose weight- 1 point per pound

* Keep a food journal for the day- 5 points per day

* Take a walk during you lunch break- 5 points

* Have a friend join this challenge- 25 points per friend

            -make sure your friend tells us you recruited them!

How to join:

Email us:

Email us your name, twitter name if applicable, your blog or website on or before 12:00 a.m. MST Thursday May 28th 2009. 

The challenge will run from May 29th to June 12th at 12:00 a.m. MST  You can submit your points and story between June 13th to June 14th at 12:00 a.m. MST

Points and Story Information:

            *You are responsible to keep track of your points and how you got them

            *Your story has to be 50 words or less on how this challenge helped you.

So send us your email RIGHT NOW go get friends on board and get ready to have fun!

XO Shannon & Angie


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Taking Care

Wow… I am so excited to start the challenge!  I am so going to rock this challenge and be a better person because of it.  It is amazing to me how motivating this community of health minded people is that we have met through Twitter and our blog.  When we started this we thought if we had two people following us that would help us with accountability.  LOL… now we have 758 followers on Twitter and are growing every day.  I never would have thought so many people would care about what we are doing and I never in my wildest dreams imagined meeting so many fabulous, kind hearted, motivating people through this experience.  If you are not in the challenge, join… now… really!  We realize you are not going to accomplish everything every day, and we won’t either, but if you do more than you would have before that is a step in the right direction.

Remember how two days ago I said I was quitting soda?  Well… I haven’t had one!  It hasn’t even been that hard and I think that is because of the great support I have gotten from ya’ll and lots of Crystal Light and unsweetened ice tea.  Also, the fact that most of the soda I would normally drink was during work hours and my boss reads our blog and will probably tattle on me if I cheat (thanks Kevin, you rock)!  I also feel like I have more energy… maybe it’s a coincidence, but then again maybe it is the amazing results of being soda free for two days.  It is also so inspiring to me to have so many people join me in this no soda journey!  Thank you, thank you, thank you!  Another bonus to no soda… challenge points!

One last thing I want to share.  Weight loss and this journey to obtain better health has become so much more for me than just that.  I am learning so much about myself and how I handle different situations.  Right now I am in the mode of de-cluttering my life in all areas… mental, emotional, physical and so on.  It feels so good to get rid of the crap dragging me down.  This takes time and is not always easy… especially letting go of negative relationships, but is so important to do.  I am telling you this because it is something that is helping me in my life and is something you may want to consider for yourself.  Take inventory of what is working in your life and what isn’t… don’t hold on to unnecessary baggage just because it is what you are used to.

Okay right now… wherever you are whatever you are doing and whenever it is take a deep breath and commit to doing something positive to help you in achieving your goals.  I have the most amazing parents in the world and they are always reminding me “If you don’t take care of yourself you won’t be able to take care of anyone else”.  Remember – you are important and worth taking care of!

BTW… Twitter followers have increased in the time I wrote this post to 763.  Watch out Opera here we come!  Opera may have got one million followers in four weeks, but we will get there!  🙂

Peace out!

Angie ready to take on the world!


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