Down Again!

capefu3zcabng2l0capqvspocaby8rywcayhfdhkcau510bscaumhaobcaxm8g39cabb59q0cawz9882cavtmgv2caxvupdnca2yp8fbcayrkjjsca7tigeoca3o2wkxcabckvl2cad1u0wica38fc17Last week was a bit more of a struggle for me.  However, I still lost two pounds!  I know I can do better than I did last week though.  I had too much soda, not enough water, not enough exercise and too much garbage foods.  I am excited that I still lost, but still have so much to learn and I know I can do so much better!

Shannon and I have such similar struggles and there is no way I would still be here if it wasn’t for her.  Having so much weight to lose is discouraging and feels like an endless battle, but we have met so many people through here and twitter who have already done it, working toward goals or have chosen to live healthy active lifestyles and that is tremondously motivating!  I am excited to see some of the changes and to feel the success and to know I am doing something that is good for me. 

Also, has anyone noticed Shannon and I have lost the exact same both weeks?  Weird huh?!  It is real though.

You are going to want to stay tuned because amazing things are going to happen this week!  I can feel it!  Shannon and I have both decided to make this week our best one yet!

Thanks for your support,




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4 responses to “Down Again!

  1. Thanks for the follow on Twitter.

    I came over to check this place out….awesome blog! Love it!

    I’m in Utah too. 🙂

  2. Girls, as you are not on a planned portion controlled plan, you are doing what you should be as far as weight loss. From everything I have read so far you are not doing a meal replacement or other things that would speed up your weigh loss so 1-2 lbs a week is a healthy and appropriate weight loss.

    There are ways to speed up your metabolism in timing your meals and workouts but that takes a bit more work and details. Send me an email if you want to speed things up.

    Where in Utah? I have coaches in Salt Lake area but not sure where you guys are.

    • weightlosswiththefabulousfatties

      We live in South Utah county. Actually in a little farming community. Shh don’t tell anybody, we want everyone to think we are cool and hip! lol Yeah soon we are going to need to plan our meals much better so we will let you know. Thanks for the help (again) you always have good advice!

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