14 days down baby! Woo HOO Woo HOO! I am a little excited just incase you were wondering 🙂 I have lost another 2 pounds to make it a total of 8. I feel like a “Supa Star”! Okay seriously I am really excited and proud of myself. There was only 1 day I um…got pushed off the wagon, by the chinese restaurant and baby shower. They are so rude that way! Lucky for me I have the best diet buddy ever and all of you to help me back on. *Thanks*

So this week in reflection. It has been liberating to feel so determined to succeed this time. Usually when I start a diet I use the weekends as an excuse to blow it and then try starting again the following monday. Then that monday turns into 2 or 3 mondays until I have gained it all back and feel hopeless. Today, monday I fell strong, proud and grateful. Strong, because I know I CAN do this! Proud, because 8 pounds is a freakin’ lot of weight and it is gone! Grateful, because this support system that has generated within our friends, family and here online has been so amazing. I cannot even start to tell you how much all of your words of encouragment and advice have helped me out 🙂

Oh by the way, I put on my pants today and the muffin top…it is turning into a mini-muffin top. Pretty soon it will be just batter and then it will be no sign of a muffin at all!

Much love from a Strong, Proud and Grateful Shannon




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5 responses to “Strong-Proud-Grateful

  1. You ARE a supa-star, baby!! You are doing it!! I’m happy for you.

  2. Woo-hoo! Way to go! You ARE strong, and you’ll make it all the way!

  3. Mini-muffin – lolol! Good for you…8 lbs is significant;-)

  4. YAY Shannon! That is such great news! Keep it up and you’ll reach all your goals, and enjoy the journey too!

  5. Tina

    Are you gals in unison or what? GREAT job!!

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