I am doing this for me!

When you begin living your life fully from the deepest place within you and loving who you are, all things will change for the better.” – Gena Livings just posted this on Twitter.  She seriously has the best posts, if you are not following her you should, they always motivate and inspire me.


I love this!  I believe that I need to learn to love myself enough to make healthy choices for me.  In other words I shouldn’t have the mind set that I need to exercise or eat healthy so I can by thin and feel good about myself, but I need to feel good enough about myself to exercise and eat right. 

I am setting some goals for the week to help me achieve this mind set:

  1. I am going to go to bed early enough to get a full 8 hours of sleep.  (This one is going to be the toughest!)
  2. I am going to get out of bed by 6:30 so I can exercise in the morning.
  3. I am going to take the time to prepare lunch/snacks to take to work.
  4. I am going to take time to appreciate the beauty of the outdoors.
  5. I am going to breath deep full breaths and accept life as it is each day, enjoying each moment.

Wow, I already feel more peace.  Lately my life has been crazy busy stress and each moment is jam packed with 50+ things to do.  Life is not about running the fastest or accomplishing the most each day.  It is about enjoying each moment, appreciating every oppurtunity presented to you and making the most of it.  This is what I am working on this week.  I know I have had a caotic energy lately and that is going to shift into an energy of serenity and peace.  Big things are happening in my life right now and I am so excited… I just need to remember to breath and take time to take care of myself.

It feels so good to put it out there that I am taking care of myself because I derserve it… so much better than I want to lose weight because I am soo fat!

Okay… I gotta get to bed because I have 5 minutes to make my goal! (Breahting and not stressing about my goal… or at least trying!)



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One response to “I am doing this for me!

  1. E

    I love those goals, they’re all so positive!

    And I always enjoy reading your posts: 9 times out of 10 they’re very upbeat, and inspiring 🙂

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