Yes It Is True!


There has been some speculation as to whether I really own a Zebra shirt or not. It was brought on by my post Zebra Attacked by Missle. What I cannot figure out is why anyone on this planet would not take what I write as 100% factual. Of course I really have a zebra shirt! lol To be honest I do not know exactly why I do. Now that it has become a topic, I suppose I like it because it brings out my wild side 🙂 Maybe what I will do is when I can no longer wear it is send it to one of our Fabulous Friends! 

*Click here to Read the original post Zebra Attacked By Missle



Filed under Fabulous thoughts of Shannon, fashion faux pas

3 responses to “Yes It Is True!

  1. I also own a zebra shirt (with pink trim on the collar and sleeves) and I love it! I have never seen anyone else with it and it actually looks great with jeans!

    I like to be original!

  2. I LOVE the Zebra shirt! (and your beautiful smile!) Now I am thinking I better go get myself some Zebra-wear.

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