Traveling Light

Have you missed me?  I am on the road visiting family and haven’t had the chance to post.  I really wanted to stay on track and continue this diet on the road.  My mom and I left Thursday evening and will get home sometime Sunday.  We are driving quite a bit, staying in hotels and visiting family.  Thursday we stopped at the grocery store before we left and got fruit, string cheese and some crackers, that was dinner Thursday, breakfast and lunch Friday.

So I was feeling like I was doing fairly good, with the exception of not drinking enough water which is apparent because where my ankles used to be now I have kankles.  I will be honest… that is not the only problem.  Tonight my great-aunt took us to dinner at a chinese resturant.  I could have just had lettuce (everything else is high calorie and deep fried) but I didn’t.  I went all out and enjoyed the whole meal, including all the sodium enfused soy sauce and the deep fried everything.

Here I am at the Chinese resturant posing with my twin Buda!

Here I am at the Chinese resturant posing with my twin Buda!

It has been wonderful to visit with family and see some beautiful country.  I am nervous to get on the scale Monday morning, but I am also pretty proud of myself for trying to stay on track.  Usually on vacation I would say its time to enjoy and pig out.  This is a huge… a great step in the right direction of making this a life style change as apposed to the diets I have tried and failed at so many times.

Tomorrow I am going to drink so much water we have to stop every 30 minutes, or not, but I will drink the minimum 64 oz (aka 8 glasses).

BTW… a perk of purchasing fruit and snacks at the grocery store instead of eating out every meal is we have saved quite a bit of $$$!  Now I can go shopping… I do need a new purse!



P.S.  It is late… I am tired so please excuse any grammer/spelling errors.  I am not even proofing this!  GOOD NIGHT!



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3 responses to “Traveling Light

  1. Even though you ate at the Chinese place, you should be proud that you did so well while traveling! Most people only go to fast food places and that’s it! So congrats girl! Just take it one step at a time! 😀

  2. You are so freaking photogenic! Love the buddha!

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