50/15 Mile Challenge are you in? *Update

1 kids on bike

We have had an awesome response to this challenge!  WOW you all rock!  This is a challenge that will be going on the week of 5/12 to 5/19 It is open to join until wed. night 5/13 so join us!  The point is to ride a bike at least 50 miles or run/walk at least 15 miles in this week.  At the end of the week tally up your miles and let us know the total. 

*Due to the different fitness levels of everyone who wants to participate we are going off at least meeting the mile requirement and we are going to have to ask that you give us a short story of what this challenge did for you at the end of the week.  We will choose the winners out of that criteria.  This keep the playing field even and fun for everyone!

If you want to join us please put your name in the comments and what you will be doing.  You can use exercise equiptment as well so NO EXCUSES!  Tell everyone you know and we are excited to get moving!



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9 responses to “50/15 Mile Challenge are you in? *Update

  1. diet_diary

    I’m in! Already regretting typing those words. Lol

  2. Put me in for the 15 miles. Too bad I can’t count yesterday’s 2.25 miles, but that’s ok. I can do it! It’ll force me to not take 2 days off this week, maybe just one.

  3. Way to go ladies! Best of luck!

  4. Kathy (aka KKirkscey)

    I will run and/or run/walk! This will be great inspiration for me to keep moving, because I have been having some hip soreness while running!

  5. Well I gues I am in. I’ll be biking 50. Well, as much as you can say biking when you don’t actually go anywhere.

  6. I’m so in! Did 25K on the bike today which is a good start. Thanks for kicking this off x

  7. I’m totally there! I’ll be doing at LEAST 15 miles of walking/jogging. Mostly walking, lol!

  8. I am in. Bike commuted to work today. Not sure how far that is, but will find out. Running tomorrow…Biking again on Thursday…it’ll be a mix between bike, running and walking 😉

  9. You guys already know that I’m in, but I wanted to leave a comment anyway ;). My goal is to complete 50 miles on my bicycle during the challenge, which will be a pretty tough goal for me to meet at my current level of fitness—but I’m going to give it my best shot! So far I’ve completed 2.5 miles.

    If anyone wants to touch base w/ me on Twitter, my name is @turtleprogress over there.

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