Crack is Wack!


fat girl

Welcome to over-eaters anonymous!  As an over-eater trying to change your habits you must be aware you are most vulnerable when stressed or upset so stay away from all temptation at those times.

images[2]Well that would be great… right!  It was a crazy day and I was stressed and ready to give up.  I got home to find out Shannon is dragging my fat lazy butt out into the world to get some exercise.  (I will be honest she is kind of a diet control freak who is bound and determined to get me skinny!)  Which is one of the reasons I love her, but at the moment I wasn’t feeling it.

So here is how it goes… I show up at her house and we head out the door.  We get to the end of the drive and I am wondering if we are done yet, nope, and we continue on.  She looks at her contraption that counts how many calories we burn and says wow we have burned 81 calories and I say… Great!  Let’s turn around and by the time we get back it will be over 160, nope.  I was obviously not in the same mind set as my amazing friend, but we continued on despite my grumbling.

Now we live in a small town where everyone knows everyone so walking down the street you most likely know four of the five people that pass you.  Number five just so happens to be a guy from church and he stops and says hello.  As I am thinking of how relieved I am for the break I see a GIANT Symphony candy bar on his passenger seat, the good kind with almonds and toffee.  I was thinking after this damn walk I need to go buy me one of those as a reward for exercising, or not… it was for me as a happy mother’s day.  YESSS!  I am all excited because it was a gift and that would be rude not to eat it and thoroughly enjoy it… right?!  Shannon (a.k.a the determined to get me skinny control freak) tries to take it from me as soon as he is gone and she wasn’t even going to eat it… Symphony is made by Hersey’s, her life long love.  She keeps telling me I can’t eat it, no not even a piece or five.  Trying to be helpful she tells me how many calories we have burned, well that was just motivation for me because I could still eat 5 pieces and still be at a loss on the calorie count.  She still says no!  We continue to argue over why I should or shouldn’t eat it or even some of it.  She finally shuts her skinny face and we start talking about other stuff.  Yes, I am still carrying this giant chocolate candy bar while walking down a public street.  Picture that… fat lady exercising with a GIANT candy bar… it just doesn’t make sense, but that is life!

As we are walking by our neighbor, who also happens to be a county sheriff’s house I suddenly realize the damn candy bar is not going to control me and I have came to far to allow myself to eat a candy bar as an emotional fix.  So  out of know where my brain takes over all emotions and some common sense and my arm flings the GIANT candy bar into the field directly in front of Deputy Dude’s house.  As the candy bar flies trough the air the paper makes a loud crackling noise, the outer paper flies off, the tinfoil paper sparkles in the sun light and out flies the delectable chocolate and the candy bar breaks into pieces flying though the air like a firework in celebration of something big!

Shannon was shocked and I will be honest so was I… and not just because I threw it in Deputy Dude’s yard.  I felt liberated!  It was like a crack addict coming out of rehab being offered a hit and turning it down.  I was empowered, motivated and energized – ready to take on the world of weightloss and kick butt!  I finally learned that I have the power to do this.  Shannon has been doing great and I have been a slacker and that is usually when I give up.  I make good choices 60 -70% of the time and was frustrated by the scale this morning.  Even though I got on it 20 times, and I am not exagerating, the number did not change.  Until that moment on our walk I had given up and was anticipating faliure.

images[7]The rest of the walk was amazing… the scenery was beautiful, the birds were singing and the world was fresh and beautiful!  My whole outlook changed and not just because I wasn’t staring at the road in front of me, but looking ahead now.

So… thanks to my dealer (a.k.a. the man from church supplying me with chocolate) and Shannon (the diet control freak who is bound and determined to get me skinny) for allowing me to learn of the strength within!  I should also thank Shannon for feeding me a delictable salad for dinner and letting me lay my sweaty self on her couch while I recovered from our 4 mile walk!  It was great and I am so excited for the week ahead!

Remotivated, Invigorated, Energized Angie

My advice for the day: Say NO to crack (whatever that may be to you)!



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6 responses to “Crack is Wack!

  1. weightlosswiththefabulousfatties

    Angie…so are such an amazing daughter!!
    You are such an inspiration for me to do better, I am gonna get my butt out on a walk today.
    I love your sense of humor, even when things seem tough, you seem to laugh your way through. I love Shannon for the wonderful friend that she is . You two compliment each other perfect.
    Love you more each and every day!!!

    hugs-n-kisses xoxo

  2. That is a great story. So funny but so fantastic. GO Shannon!! Go Angie!! Keep flinging that chocolate!!!

  3. I am so proud of you!!! You go Shannon for whippin’ that girl into shape, and you go Angie for finding the strength to say NO to chocolate! You didn’t need that whole huge bar!

    You guys are awesome!

  4. weightlosswiththefabulousfatties

    WAY TO GO ANGIE!!!!!! I know she can be a kind of control freak, huh. Gotta LOVE HER I laughed until i choked!!!
    Shan’s Mom

  5. Shannon sounds just like my bff, Emaciated Lady. When we lived near each other, she used to force me to the gym 3-4 days a week and I hated her for it. But I went because I was scared not to. Oh, the things we do for friends:-)

    Congrats on giving up the crack! Living sober is tough…

  6. Well done, Angie! I love how you two encourage, and sometimes drag, each other towards a better life.

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