Fabulous Friend Post Swap

Today we are swapping posts with our Fabulous Friend Elisa.  We met her on twitter and she is training to run.  She is documenting her progress on her website A Question Of Perspective She is fun and witty and we are so glad to have met her.  This is one of our favorite posts of  hers.  You really should go to her site and follow her on twitter @edelbonis to see how she is training…We may even try it out ourselves 🙂  Thanks Elisa for sharing with us today!

Running Meltdown

May 8th, 2009 by Elisa DelBonis Discuss this article »

by Sheffield Tiger via Flickr

So the other day, Megan, who is lovely and wonderful, and a WAY better, more-in-shape athlete than I, said she’d run with me.

Fun, right? Nope. I had a complete and total meltdown. Like in the middle of it. I mean a freak out.

We ran next to each other on the treadmill at the gym once, and that was ok, because I didn’t put a whole bunch of pressure on myself to keep up. I mean, she’s a runner, and I’m fat and out of shape… trying not to be, but still… pretty much so.

So we headed out the back door to run on the path behind the house, and I was ok for a bit.

Until the freak-out.

About 1/2 way through, just when I’m looking like I’m going to die (but I usually can’t see myself through someone else’s eyes, so I just FEEL like I want to die) she looks at me and sees my distress and asks if I’m ok.

Nice of her, right?

One might think the appropriate response would be to say no but yes… keep going.

No, my response was to throw a tantrum about her unrealistic expectations of me.

Hello, project much?

That was the end of that day’s run. We walked home. And she’s incredibly patient and wonderful for not throwing my ass into the ravine.

So today, fresh and ready to run again (alone) I’ll do Week 4 Day 3 of the C25K.

I suppose a tantrum of some fashion to be expected. I mean, I’m having a complete life overhaul. Diet, exercise, moving across the country… you know, small stuff…

Anyway… onward!


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One response to “Fabulous Friend Post Swap

  1. Hi Elisa, nice to meet you!

    I so get what you’re going through, but I have to tell you, I admire your dedication! You go girl!

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