Time is a Gift

Today is a special day.  It is my son Reagan’s birthday 🙂 He is 11 years old today!  Reagan is my middle son and he is such a tender heart I just love him to pieces.  One of the things that I love about him is that he always tells me I am pretty and skinny and beautiful.  Oh some girl is going to be very lucky someday!  We decided to let him skip school and spend the day with me and grandma having lunch and going shopping.  I know we are the coolest!   reaganI can tell you exactly how much I weighed after I had Reagan 182 pounds.  You are going to think I am horrible but I would have to look at his birth certificate to tell you how much he weighed.  I know I am a horrible vain mother!  I am just not a numbers person that way unless it has to do with my own weight.  Gosh that even sounds worse. lol  I have 2 sister in laws and they can tell you every little detail about their children.  Then there is me, my brain just does not work like that.  My mom can even give details.  What the heck?!  Maybe the fat in my head has short circuited that part of my brain.  Hey, it could happen. 

Eleven yeas ago I was consumed with my weight and appearance.  Today, eleven years later I am consumed with my weight and appearance.  Big changes wouldn’t you say?  It got me thinking about how much time and energy I have put into my weight, my lack of weight loss and disappointment in my appearance.  One thing I know for certain is it is way to much!  Every single special moment in my life,  picture, video and piece of clothing that I have has a story regarding my weight behind it.  The most ridiculous thing to me is that my weight overshadows the event.  

So for my son’s birthday I am giving him a gift.  It is a gift of time, my time.  The time I would normally spend wrapped up in self pitty and severe vain-ness (if that is even a word)  I am going to focus more of it on him today.  I am accepting who I am and loving myself today and in turn I will be able to show more love and acceptance to others.  I am going to see myself through his eyes and find the beautiful skinny mom that he sees when he looks at me.  She must be absolutely fantastic because he loves her a whole bunch!  Happy Birthday to my little cowboy Reagan, I am thrilled to go out and spend this day with him and his more than perfect Mom.

Shannon a very proud Mom



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2 responses to “Time is a Gift

  1. I can tell you exactly how much I weighed after the births of my kids, when I was married, when I was in high school, when when when when…. I have an indelible memory when it comes to my weight, unfortunately. Right now I weigh the same that I weighed at my 20th HS reunion, which was quite a ways ago. I’m aiming for my wedding weight.

    Wonderful gift you are giving your son!

  2. weightlosswiththefabulousfatties

    Shannon, you are truly a beautiful person on the inside and on the outside you are freakin’ HOT! I am so proud of you for making such a great decision of self acceptance!
    You are my HERO!
    Angie a very grateful friend

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