Last Chance to Join Our 50/15 Challenge! *Update

Today is the last day you can join our challenge.  We have had a fantastic response!  Right now we have 30 people participating, wow. 🙂  Yesterday alone there were over 51 miles covered, what a great start!   This closes tonight so make sure you sign in today and let us know you will be participating.  Thanks everyone for motivating us we just love each and every one of you!  XO Fab Fatties

1 kids on bike

 This is a challenge that will be going on the week of 5/12 to 5/19 It is open to join until wed. night 5/13 so join us!  The point is to ride a bike at least 50 miles or run/walk at least 15 miles in this week.  At the end of the week tally up your miles and let us know the total.  We would love to hear your progress as you go along as well so drop us a line via twitter or here 🙂

*Due to the different fitness levels of everyone who wants to participate we are going off at least meeting the mile requirement and we are going to have to ask that you give us a short story of what this challenge did for you at the end of the week.  We will choose the winners out of that criteria.  This keep the playing field even and fun for everyone!

If you want to join us please put your name in the comments and what you will be doing.  You can use exercise equiptment as well so NO EXCUSES!  Tell everyone you know and we are excited to get moving!



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3 responses to “Last Chance to Join Our 50/15 Challenge! *Update

  1. dawnie22

    GM gals & all. I was twitterpated for several days & struggling w/doing my ‘routine’ (if you can call it that) Of biggest loser bootcamp or yoga etc.
    This challebge got me off my duff tues & I’m proud to say I got 17 miles in on my stationary bike while watching tivo’d 24 show. LOL It was intense so I really cranked it out.

    I hadnt been on the bike for a while so it was a nice change. Ok, I’ll update what I do today. Glad to be on board.
    PS I think I’ll start posting trainer bob harpers challenges daily on my blog to help me daily write, so if you need a lil’ kick to get your miles in you can see what he says via facebook.
    xo & stay strong…Dawnie

  2. Sorry I can’t ride but you have my full support, amen to you sista

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