Change is Good….Right?

“Be miserable. Or motivate yourself. Whatever has to be done, it’s always your choice.” – Wayne Dyer

From day one of this journey I told myself  “I am not going to have a bummed out depressing post!”  It did not take long for me to realize that if I am being totally honest and putting it all out there, I will certainly have ups and down’s, sooner or later.  There are some big changes in my life right now.  They are good changes.  This coming Monday I start a new job, a great job with benefits and great pay.  I know very cool, so what’s my deal?  Well the job I left yesterday was for my Dad.  I have worked with him for 2-3 years and it has been crazy, fun, and emotional.   When I decided I was leaving I realized how much I really enjoyed working there.  Not because of the pay or the job, but because it was time I got to spend with my Dad, good times and bad.  My Dad and I butt heads a lot, but the relationship I have with him is something I would not trade for anything in the world.  I am really going to miss him, worry about him and want to mother him even though he told me “You are not my Mother” lol my response to that was “I am the closest thing you have got, so deal with it!” 

Given this chain of events has brought out the “EFF IT” attitude in me this week.  I have spent my week feeling sorry for myself and feeling overwhelmed. When I feel like this I do what I have always done…EAT!  I eat whatever I can just to eat.  It is ridiculous, it is not because I am hungry or even because I am craving something.  It is because food calms my nerves and it is what I have always done.  This is one of the first times in my life that I really know that I have a serious problem.  I am a control freak, as I believe my dear diet buddy Angie has pointed out. lol  It seems that I can keep control of everything except being able to lose weight.  When you like things a certain way, as I do and they change, you feel like you are losing control.  When my control is lost so is my ability to stay on track and focus on my weight loss journey.  So this is my sad pathetic excuse for a bad week.  However there is one more thing that it has made me realize and it is that I need to fight back and win this battle!     This is what I have always done, therefore I will continue to get the results I have always got.  I have heard a saying about that many times.  Out of all of the excuses I need to get rid of, this is the biggest one that needs to go!  Come Monday when I weigh in I sure hope the results are not as bad as I feel like they are going to be.  My saving grace just may be the 50/15 challenge because I will have most of my exercise in by then. 

Lesson to me…Do not let change detour me from  the bigger changes that I am working on.  Stay focused on my why and don’t expect different results doing the same things that I have always done.  It’s okay to have a bad week as long as it is not two then three.  I am worth every second I put into making things better for myself and the most dissapointed person of all when I lose control is, Me.  So really I am in control, in total control I just need to take the initiative to steer it in the right direction.  Change is good, it can be hard and sad, but if it is for something better then it is good and neccesary and so very much worth while!




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8 responses to “Change is Good….Right?

  1. weightlosswiththefabulousfatties

    Shannon you are a superhero in my book! I know you can do this because you are just that awesome! Thanks for kicking my butt today!

  2. Change is good, but before it gets good, it is first unsettling. Our success depends on dealing with that aspect of change… The good news is that when we anticipate feeling unsettled, we can deal with it much better in future. So learn what you can from this experience, because you are going to use the knowledge later on in your journey.

    Good luck with the new job!

  3. Shannon,

    So you found your biggest trigger and how it effects your eating. Congratulations you just took one of your biggest lessons and have already started the journey to overcome it.

    When facing change and wanting to eat. Try to replace it with something else for at least 15 mins. For instance if you are feeling a bit anxious then go for a walk or call a support buddy. I have a feeling that Angie would be there for ya any time day or night. But do something other then eat.

    Then after 15 mins if you still feel the need to munch then take a look at why. What is it about putting food in that makes the switch go from anxious to calm. If you can’t fight it then have some foods for in-between meals that do minimal damage and send the fullness signal to the brain.

    Meditation can help find that peace as well or if you are religious you can always go to prayer for that inner peace.

    Lastly make sure you clear the space with your Dad and don’t leave anything not said there. Sounds like you love him deeply and want him to understand why you are doing this change. Make sure he knows!

    Continue your journey, there is new strength every day in your posts and in your journey. You will succeed and come out the winner!

    Be blessed in your new job and prepare for the changes it will bring as well.

  4. Change is always hard, but you’ve seen to accept that this change is for the better. Why so many have problems making a lifestyle change is that we hold on to the idea that our old life was much better, but if understand that living this new way is for the best and will make us happier, then it becomes much easier to make this change forever.

  5. Kathy (aka KKirkscey)

    Good luck with the new job! You are so amazing, I know you will be successful. We have all been to that “I’m so stressed out I have to pig out” place. When I get like that I try to talk myself out of it. If that doesn’t work, I try to eat something that doesn’t do that much damage. I like Smart Balance Smart ‘n Healthy microwave popcorn for snacking emergencies! You can even put spray butter on it!

  6. teetee_71

    Oh Shannon, I’ve been there too! People like I us like to bury out feelings and fears and food does it for me. Just remember that although change is difficult, generally the outcome is positive. (For every door shut, a window opens..) Hang in there. Tomorrow will probably be nerve racking, but just take a minute, close your eyes and breathe. Soak in the moment and release the anxiety! You’re getting back on track and that’s what’s important! Good luck @ the new job!

  7. You and Angie both seem to be having a hard time. You guys know you can always talk to us on twitter or here! Let it out and it will make you feel better instead of eating!

    You’re both amazing women doing the best things for yourself by wanting to be healthy! You can do it!

    Something I used in my favor that you can maybe twist to your own… I’m a VERY stubborn person. Very stubborn against changes and things of the like, but when I decided to shift it, and be stubborn about my health and body, the weight just began melting off! I didn’t change who I was, I just changed my FOCUS of the trait! I’m sure with your ability to control, you can do the same thing!

  8. Mom

    Wow, just read all the comments and what a great support you and Angie have from this.
    I feel your pain, but i also know you will overcome! You are the BEST, and you can do anything, you have proven that many times over in the past. I know that this week will be better for you, but i am still gonna kick your butt in this challenge (just so you know). I love you, and like you said, this is the first time that you have had to make a decision strickly for your family. Be proud that you made the right one. Mom

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