Sometimes good things fall apart so better things can fall together.

Well this has been an interesting week to say the least.   I did gain weight and it will not happen again!  Okay so now I am OVER IT!  I have been thinking alot about this post today and what I wanted to share with you. 

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This is a week of lessons learned for me.  I am a true believer that things always happen for a reason.  This past week I have learned so much about myself.  Who would have thought that everything falling apart can make so much come together?  I had to recognize my biggest weakness and by doing that I am a stronger person for it.  Now I know how to head it off, recognize it and change my habits, in the future.  I have also learned that I need to put it all out there.  By being open and honest about my feelings and struggles I found so much wonderful advice and support from everyone that it’s a little overwhelming.  There are so many wonderful people we have met here online and I truly believe this support system that has been created is a HUGE part of why I am going to do this!  This morning I feel stronger and more determined than I have in a while.  That is very exciting to me!

Yesterday I was able to admit that I do need help with meal planning.  Up to now I have just been kinda counting calories and cutting this and that out.  I have not had a structured plan.  In my about me page on our blog I have a list of diet programs and how I feel about them.  Weight Watchers is on the list.  My exact comment is “I would rather eat my own arm than go to a meeting.”  lol  I am not sure if I would really eat my arm or not, but I really do hate meetings.  Thinking about this I have had to admit, it’s not the meeting I dislike, it’s the accountability of going there in person and having to put my junk on the table!  I joined Weight Watchers online with the option to go to meetings, so this week I will attend a meeting.  However I will not be changing my blog profile anytime soon. lol 

As you can see I have a plan.  This is the start of a new week and I feel excited, happy and strong.  I am looking forward to what this week holds.  My dear diet buddy Angie told me last night “we spend way to much time sweating the small stuff.”   After all right this very minute we are making a choice, a choice to be happy or sad, a choice to keep moving ahead or stop and a choice to see the good through the bad.  The small stuff for me is being left in last week and I choose not to go back and dwell on it again. I choose to make my life better and keep on moving ahead!




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4 responses to “Sometimes good things fall apart so better things can fall together.

  1. Glad you are giving WW another try – I love it. There is really nothing earth-shattering about the plan, the main point is to eat wholesome, nutritious foods and to move more.

    I enjoy meetings because I like hearing about how other people are doing and getting ideas for new recipes or ways to work the program.

    In my experience the people who work there are professional and non-judgemental when you get on the scale.

    And in the meetings you can speak up as much or little as you want.

    If after trying meetings again you still don’t like them, the online program is a good choice.

  2. It sounds as if a weight has lifted off your shoulders. Your relief is evident throughout the post. What a great place to be! You go, girl! You CAN do this…

  3. I’m glad you’re going to WW too and hope you get a good, inspiring leader. They make all the difference!!

    I also gained weight last week but these are always – “learning opportunities” aren’t they? Trying to figure out why. When I did that I realized I had eaten 23 WW “points” over my alloted amount. Whoopsie. Time to get back to tracking.

    You can do it, girl!

  4. I’m so glad you’re feeling better! I knew it would pass and you’d come out victorious! You do what you’ve gotta do and keep on truckin’ girl!

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