Re-Post Crazy weight loss gadgets, powders and magic pills.

This is a re-post.  It was such a fun post to get feedback from you all on I thought why not post it again 🙂  Our Fabulous Friend Hanlie had the funniest diet I have ever heard of.  You can check her story out here!

1 don_mannarino

This morning I realized that using this blog and twitter to lose weight has been the cheapest thing I have ever done.  Not only that it is working, go figure!  I have tried EVERYTHING you can imagine and spent more money than I want my husband to know about trying to find that quick fix.  I thought it would be fun to share some of the ridiculous things we have all tried.  There are 3 that really stand out in my mind. 

  • First is this tea, now when I say tea it is not something you can get from the store.  This special tea can only be bought from a lady who got the recipe from some Indian medicine man.  When you go there to get it you almost feel like your doing a drug deal, lol.  The way it looks in the baggie when your done would probably get you arrested just the same.  It tastes and smells like shiz and the side effect makes you shiz, a lot.  By all means you do not want to fart because it will certainly be a shart!  As far as weight loss, yes for a day or two because you cannot leave the bathroom to eat!
  • Second is this pill my Mom got.  You swallow it before you eat and it expands in your stomach.  The thought of that makes me a little queasy.  She was so proud of these little pills because they had no bad side effects.  You put one in a glass of water and watch it expand.  Now picture a baby diaper, the gel stuff inside of them.  That is exactly what the stuff in these pills look like.  After my Mom went through several more of her pills to do the little water in the glass demonstration then realized they didn’t expand, she sent them back.  I could go on about this because it is really funny but I will leave it at that!
  • Third, okay this is really kind of embarrassing but hey desperate times call for desperate measures.  I am a not so proud owner of the Think & Lose program.  It is a cd set and mp3 player that you hypnotize yourself into thinking that you will only eat half of what is on your plate.  When I got it I would faithfully listen to it every night while I lay in bed next to my very nice husband.  He didn’t make fun of me once, oh if the tables were turned I would NEVER let him live that one down! lol  After a while I realized all it did was put me to sleep and I would still eat everything on my plate I figured I had been ripped off yet again. 

I know I am not the only one to try these crazy things out.  Believe me I have tried many more. lol  When I think about it now.  If all I had to do was think and lose weight, I would be one skinny woman because I think about it all of the time!


Share with us what you have tried, by leaving a comment.


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  1. I wouldn’t buy anything with that guy’s face on it! He looks smarmy… like a used car salesman!

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