Exercise vs. Activity


I have always wondered why I am not thinner because I have always been active.  I coach sports, play sports and am always on the go.  I hardly ever sit down and watch television and the only time I really sit is at work or when I am blogging.  I was convinced my active lifestyle should burn lots of calories and I didn’t necessarily need to set special time aside for exercise.  Well… we have all heard the saying… “You will always have what you have always had if you do what you have always done.”  So something (or everything) needed to change as I embarked on this weight loss journey.

The first few weeks I would take a few casual walks while chatting with my amazing diet buddy Shannon.  My weight loss was decent, but I realized there still was some missing pieces.  While I enjoy taking a casual walk I was not challenging myself and not feeling any pain.  You may be wondering why I wanted  to feel pain… there is a saying for that too “no pain, no gain” or in this case loss.  I was still not extremely convinced strenuous exercise was something I wanted to participate in.  Let me just add a little side note here… I have always loved exercise and challenging myself.  I guess with this journey I am in worse shape than I have ever been and I have been very intimidated by exercise.  Okay, scared of  failing might be a bit more accurate. 

  • When I am exercising I feel like my body is amazing! 
  • I feel like I look fit and toned and that is why I am wearing my bikini right now!  NOT REALLY!! I don’t own a bikini and if I did I sure as hell would get a major reality check trying to put it on.  Back to the real stuff…
  • I am motivated to eat healthy and drink more water when I exercise. 
  • I look at food and think what will that do for my body instead of how it will taste. 
  • I am much more confident when I exercise. 
  • I feel stronger and like I can accomplish more in all areas of my life.
  • I am happier (gotta love those endorphins)!
  • I feel like there is nothing in the world I can’t accomplish and that is huge for me right now in my life.

I will always live a busy active lifestyle, that is just who I am, but I am learning the importance of adding exercise and making it a priority.  I am so grateful to have Shannon motivating me through this.  She is a super-hero in my world of Dr. Pepper kryptonite!

  “What we can or cannot do, what we consider possible or impossible, is rarely a function of our true capability.” Tony Robbins

Angie, sore and strong!



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6 responses to “Exercise vs. Activity

  1. You are so right about the endorphins. Thanks for inspirational post today! Rock on Fab Fatties!

  2. Rachael

    I had come across this from a motivational speaker on weight-loss goal setting. It made sense to me…I know what my attidude is when I’m not really feeling it. I trod to the car in my gym clothes..enter the gym…watch the clock…leave. Usually…I didn’t pace myself harder and I shortented my routine. I would say attidude plays a big part and something I would need to be aware of and pay attention to it. We can be our own worst enemies.


    • Set goals for how many times a week you want to exercise.
    • For each workout set goals for your attitude and effort. This will keep you from showing up to the gym just to say you did but you really didn’t push yourself while you were there.

  3. There are just so many benefits to exercising! You’re right, it’s incredibly empowering!

  4. Amanda

    Ha! The bikini comment made me laugh.

    Great post on the benefits of exercise… sometimes I need a reminder! 🙂

  5. I agree with you on every single point. Exercising feels great!!!!!! (but it sure didn’t always)

  6. jamieatlas

    Hooray for you Angie – I train a few women in my own personal fitness studio and I know that they often tell me they wont go to a gym because they worry about being judged.

    I tell them that if someone is judging them because they are trying to do something about a weight problem, then who has the real problem? The person doing something about it or the person that has no idea whatsoever about you other than that you have some weight to lose.

    If someone has weight to lose, then I find the attitude that best helps my clients is to say “f*#k you for judging me – you don’t know me!” (under their breath is what I recommend, but a couple have said it a bit louder than that 😉

    Hope that helps!

    Fitness Insights by Jamie Atlas

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