Fat and Happy

The other day I was reading a comment on our friend Hanlie’s blog post.  The comment was “Fat & Happy. Whoa, an oxymoron if ever I heard one,” by Earthmother.  Now I don’t know who Earthmother is but I feel like she is a close friend and we have so much in common.  Earthmother, we need to go out and have a cup of coffee and chit chat for a bit. 🙂

1 fatandhappy2

It is possible to be fat and be happy, I am not going to argue that.  There are so many happy fat people in this little ole world.  There are also obnoxious fat people, whiney fat people, bitchy fat people, way to nice fat people and very funny fat people.  Hey, there is a fat person to match every skinny person if you think about it.  Maybe we are not so different afterall!  

On talk shows I have seen  many very beautiful, confident fat people who will flat out tell you “I  am happy.  I would not be thin over being fat because I am happy just the way that I am!”  I really believe they are telling the truth.  They are happy even though they are fat.  However the one thing I have never heard any of them say is “I am happy BECAUSE I am fat!”  No one in their freakin’ right mind is happy because they are fat!  They are happy because they accept themselves, because they are confident, because they decide to look at the good over the bad.  Not because being fat makes them happy.  I am tempted next time I hear someone give their little BS story, to call them out.  Really all they are telling you is they are happy. 

Guess what everyone, I am freakin’  happy!  I am happier than Charlie at the chocolate factory.  Oh and by the way I am fat!  One thing is for certain….I AM NOT HAPPY BECAUSE I AM FAT!

Okay enough of me and my little rant, but I am sure that Earthmother and I are not the only one’s that this annoy’s.

Much love from a Fat & Happy Shannon



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7 responses to “Fat and Happy

  1. But I don’t think there are many skinny people who are Happy BECAUSE they are Skinny. Happiness isn’t related to size unless it’s making someone unhappy. Maybe you could say I’m happy to be fat/happy to be skinny. But the fat acceptance crew does say they are happy to be fat.

    I think some people wrestle with it, and other’s don’t.

  2. That is well said!

    I matter at any weight. My happiness has never depended on my size. I have been happier in the last four years than ever before in my life, but I’ve also gone through some dips during that time.

    You should meet Earthmother (http://earthmother-intheraw.blogspot.com/) – she’s fabulous!

  3. Wow, spot on again!! There is no way I could be happy because I’m fat. Being fat sucks!!

  4. weightlosswiththefabulousfatties

    I love being fat and walking on the beach in my string bikini while everyone stares and gasps; it makes me feel so sexy! Being fat makes me happy because I love how the extra flab flaps when I run and how I feel so cozy sitting in close placed folding chairs!

    Okay… if you haven’t figured out I am being sarcastic you need an extreme dose of reality!

    I am a very happy upbeat person, but will be more so when I am a hot thin mama!


  5. I think that Santa Claus and Buddha have given “fat and happy” a mistaken reputation.

    Plus, the “fat Buddha” is just a myth http://www.answerbag.com/q_view/20773

    and I have the feeling that original St. Nicholas was not too portly, either.

  6. When I was morbidly obese I was still a very happy person. I was happy I could still move. I was happy I had the ability to work with others and uplift their spirits. I was happy to be alive. So yes fat and happy was the possible.

    As I dropped the weight the happiness scale went through the roof. I am happy that I would live to make a difference most likely 10 years longer then I would have. I am happy that I didn’t hurt every day when I got up. (well there are those days after a good workout, but hey that soreness actually feels good)

    I am happy I am active and alive with my family again after so many years of saying “Not today, I am too tired.” And these days I get people that are happy that I made the choices I made because it made a difference in their lives and they thank me every day.

    I am really happy to be back home and able to check in on two inspiring and wonderful ladies writing their journey to make a difference.

    Thanks for the post it is a great gratitude reminder on this Sunday morning that “Life is Good!”

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