We all Need Somebody to Lean on

1 baby bird

Who would of thought 2 ugly little baby birds would be the inspiration for today’s post?  Not me!  This week has been great I lost 2 pounds, decided weight watcher’s was not so evil and I like my new job.  All in all it was a success.  Your probably wondering  “okay so WT* is up with the baby birds?”   The baby birds came through the door on Saturday morning in the hands of my son Reagan.  He walked in and said “look Mom they were in the sprinkler pipe we need to take care of them.”  He then handed them to me, turned around walked out the door and left with my husband for the day.  Little shiz!   Anyone that knows me knows I LOVE animals if you want a run down of our little animal family you can find it here  on our family blog.  Just minus a couple  cats, add 2 more dogs and now 2 baby birds, wahla you have an instant zoo that lives at our house 🙂  

All day I thought about how to get rid of these birds and I could not bring myself to do it.  I got on the Internet to see how to take care of them, found them food and started feeding them….EVERY 30 MINUTES!  Yeah, I know!  When Reagan came home I thought for sure he would not want to put that much time into these little ugly birds.  Well I was wrong!  He teamed up with his brother Carson and they figured out a plan to take shifts and camp out in the front room taking turns.  They even have convinced my oldest son Anthony to help them until school get out this Friday.  Pretty impressive I must say.  Yesterday we went to my parent’s house for dinner and the boy’s decided to spend the night.  Reagan asked me to please take care of his ugly little birds and NOT do anything bad to them.  lol Like I would!  When I got home they were chirping away waiting for food.  This is not something I have been really happy about because we just don’t have time.   Reluctantly I went to feed them, I realized that they needed cleaned up so I started that process.  Something happened to my cold, cold heart while I was cleaning up those ugly little birds.  Their little eyes have opened and they just looked at me so helpless.  It got me thinking about how much they really do need us to help them until they are strong enough to stand on their own.   Since last night I have feed them, bathed them, changed out their bedding, talked to them and did it all again over and over!  I believe I have fallen in love with these two little birds that have taught me a lesson.

What I have learned is that we cannot do it all on our own.  For me, I am comparing it to my weight loss journey.  I want to be strong enough all of the time to make it but sometimes I need help.  It is okay to use the strength of other’s until we are strong enough on our own.  We have had so many comments from people who have said they are afraid to share their stories or feel like they cannot lose the weight because they are alone.  My thoughts on this are the YOU SHOULD SHARE YOUR STORIES!  In sharing your journey through a blog or what ever outlet you may find will give you strength!  It does not matter if your story is not the same as mine, every story is going to be different.  Some will be funnny, some will be sad, some will be happy, some will be full of helpful information.  My point is do not hold back your story that could help you or someone else out.  Never compare yourself to someone else.  Let others help you until you ar confident to do it on your own.  The beauty about blogging and websites is that no two are the same, that is why it works so well.

Second YOU ARE NOT ALONE!  Angie and I are really here for you.  Even though we are inside your computer we will still cheer you on when you have success, be a shoulder for you when you need it and share our strength until you do not need it any longer.  We do not care if today is the first day we meet you or if you have been with us from the start.  You truely are our friend and our “Diet Buddy”. 

We could never do this without all of our new friends we have met online.  We are so very grateful to have each and everyone of you with us on this journey.  Thank You so much for letting us lean on you when we have needed to and cheering us on when we have success.  When we say that “We  have the best followers and friends ever!”  We really mean it 🙂

XO Shannon

***FYI This is not a picture of the actual birds but they look identical and you have to feed them every 30 minutes morning to night luckily not througout the night.



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6 responses to “We all Need Somebody to Lean on

  1. upinthecosmos

    Kudos for taking on the responsibility of caring for the birds! There are lessons in everything aren’t there, fabulous one learned & shared here… thanks!!

    • weightlosswiththefabulousfatties

      There really are lesson in everything we do. It just depends on how we choose to take them. -S

  2. Wow! that sounds like a lot of work but anything worth doing is.

    Thanks for the support!

  3. You’re a much better person than I am!

    But yeah, we all need someone to lean on… I was beside myself the six weeks we didn’t have internet and the support from my blogging buddies. I hauled out every self-destructive habit from my extensive bag of tricks!

  4. Amanda

    I love this post. Inspiration really can be found all around us… even in baby birds! 🙂

    P.S. Congrats on the 2lbs!

  5. Wow this was a very motivating blog. Thank you very much for the kind and thoughtful words.

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