Appreciate each moment.

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I wanted to do a real quick post this morning.  I realized with the challenge going on I have not written much this week and I am always full of things to say, lol.  I am not sure why but this morning I feel like I need to point out the things that I am grateful for.  A couple of little things happened yesterday that made me think “holy crap I need to quit being a whiner”.  When I get overwhelmed with to many things on the to do list I get whinny and awnry.  It is so stupid because it is not like they are bad things on the list.  They are things like cleaning the house, grocery shopping, graduation BBQ’s, my scout troop is coming over for fishing, end of school parties things like that.  Most of it is fun stuff it just also happens to all fall in 1 day! 

Yesterday I was running around doing  my errands being awnry about it with my son Anthony.  You know those days that there is just never enough time or money no matter how hard you try?  It was that kind of day.  Then me and my rotten attitude went to the store.  I was being snappy with my son and running around in my rush trying to get things done.  Then I came a round a corner and there was this woman.  She was in a wheel chair, it was very obvious she was battling cancer and she was all alone.  I smiled as I passed by her and immediately I thought I am so ungrateful!  Then I come home get on line and met yet another dear friend who is unable to conceive a child, I have met 2 wonderful women on here who are having that issue.  We also have a friend we met here on line who just found out her son has cancer.  

Here I am perfectly healthy, mad because I am able to attend all of the fun things in life with my wonderful husband and 3 healthy children.  I guess my whole point is when it all comes down to it we need to appreciate all of the things we are able to do.  All of the blessings we have and beautiful people in our lives.  We need to stop letting the little things over shadow the bigger things and live in the moment because we never know what tomorrow may bring.

I have this saying on my wall in my bedroom, ” Dream as if you will live forever, live as if you only have today.”  I am going to try to live each moment I have rather than rushing through it each day.  Really there will never be enough money to make it all work, that’s just life.  There will never be enough time to do everything, but we can make the most of the time we have. 

I am going to start cooking breakfast for my 7 little scouts that will be here shortly and I am so grateful I have the ability to cook for them and teach them how to fish.  This is going to be a great day and I am looking forward to every moment I have to enjoy it!




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6 responses to “Appreciate each moment.

  1. Yes, that is really worth reflecting on! If we were to spend more time counting our blessings, we’d have less time to worry about the things we don’t have!

    Enjoy the fishing!

  2. Great post Shannon! Great way to turn your attitute around.

    Have fun fishing!

  3. This is a beautiful post. You are learning and growing so much during this journey, not only physically (well physically you are shrinking) but emotionally, psychologically as well. This was a wonderful reflection to have; it gave me much to think about as well.

    When I was doing my 5k race this morning I saw a woman running on one leg plus a bouncy curved metal leg. She looked determined and happy. She beat me by a long shot. THAT gave me thought.

  4. Growth comes from taking the time to be grateful for both blessings and challenges in our lives. See without out both of them we either would not be present here on this good earth (not an alternative I am ready for) or we would miss the purpose of living.

    I believe as you so beautifully put it that we are each one of us put here to appreciate what we have been dealt. Struggle, joy, peace, war, and the list goes on and on but it shows us we are alive. There is the positive and negative side of life, it is how we deal with it that grows us.

    When we are moved by something then our purpose is to act upon that feeling and apply ourselves.

    Thanks Shannon for the reminder to live to the fullest the life we are dealt out moment by moment!

  5. The older I get the more I realize that I need to live for today….and be IN the moment! Especially since I have two small children and I don’t want to miss a minute of their childhood!

    Have a great day!

  6. Mel

    Such a beautiful post! Thank you for reminding me to take time to make my day count.

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