Are you kidding!


For some reason we are having animal issues in bulk around here.  Now I am a huge animal lover, but even I have a limit.  FYI the baby birds lived 6 days on protein shake then they died.  They stuck around just long enough for us all to become attached, we tried, every 30 minutes for 6 days we tried!

Then there is my little girl Licky running around right now with a cone on her head!  Poor thing, it is so funny and so sad at the same time.  She got bit or stung by something and had a reaction.  They had to shave the hair off both of her ears and top of her nose.  Everyone already teases her about her underbite and pigeon toes.  Now she is going around running into things…FUNNY!   The poor thing has no chance.

chelseaThen there is Chelsea, the gift that keeps on giving.  She is here with us AGAIN at home #5 we were also home #3 but she got returned after a year.  Enough said.  It is possible to love animals and really dislike a dog.  Angie and I were joking that she could be the grand prize for challenge #2, sounds great to me 🙂

The only down side is she stinks, scratches up your couches, pee’s wherever she wants has $100 and $100 of dollars in vet bills.  Oh and she talks, at 5 a.m. because she wants a treat NOW!  She is sounding like a good grand prize to a lucky winner…lol.

Saturday mornings are the day that strange animals come through my door in the arms of my children.  Last week I told all of them “NO MORE ANIMALS!”  They laughed and ignored me, but I really meant it.  Then the unexpected happend yesterday morning.  My husband who likes to think he is not an animal lover comes walking in the house.  I look at him and in his arms is a freakin’ chihuahua! WT*ziggy

My response was “No, no, no, no!”  Lawrence laughed sat the little dog down and left.  Seriously people what is the deal?!  To me it looks like we have a second place prize for our challenge.  How lucky are we?  He even has been looked at by the vet loved by my children and given a name, Ziggy all in one day. 

I really feel like someone is playing a joke on me.  What did  do to deserve this? I have come to terms with Chelsea but Ziggy has to find a home SOON!

If one more person brings an animal in my door.  I think I may pack myself up and send me off as the first place prize for the challenge.  Challengers watch out!  If you win you never know what you may get in the mail! lol

Not sure about being an animal lover, Shannon



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10 responses to “Are you kidding!

  1. Uh oh. I better stop accumulating challenge points! I do not want Chelsea (OR Ziggy) thanks!!

    So funny about the animals. My 14 yr old daughter is animal crazy. She currently has a rabbit, dog and fish (whose care often falls on you know who- her parents!). Her birthday is tomorrow. She told me all she wants is a snake and/or a hedgehog. ARE YOU KIDDING?! I hate to disappoint her, but no.

    In other news!! I went to my WW meeting and was down another 1.6 lbs. I am now within one lb of my goal and total 30# loss. I talked about the Fabfatties Challenge and how I really believe it attributed to my success this week! YOU GO GIRLS! (and thank you….)

  2. Whew, this may be the first time I am really happy that I might not win this challenge. I hope Foodie and BwJen enjoy their prizes.

  3. weightlosswiththefabulousfatties

    Hedgehog! Now that is one pet I have not had. Snake NO WAY! Thanks for sharing the challenge at WW and I am so glad you feel like it helps. The whole point of these challenges is that we want you to feel like there is support. We must be doing something right!

  4. Too funny! Fortunately we’re not allowed dogs where we live… Our two cats are enough for us!

  5. weightlosswiththefabulousfatties

    I am laughing out loud for real! I have now decided what I am getting you for your birthday and since it is sucha good idea I might have to get is soon…!

  6. weightlosswiththefabulousfatties

    If it’s a hedge hog forget it! lol

  7. I just love dogs. can’t get enough of them babies. Just found your site very nice.

  8. Aw, the poor little cone head! I understand they have more fashionable versions of those too, like leopard print!

    • weightlosswiththefabulousfatties

      LOL. I think they should make them for people trying to lose weight, because she is having a hell of a time eating! Maybe I could get myself one in leopard print 🙂

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