Light like a Feather

1 feather

3 More pounds gone for good!  Guess what else?  Yesterday I was in the car with my husband and I noticed I had crossed my legs!  That may sound like a little thing to you but for me it is huge.  I have not been able cross my legs for at least a year.  Then yesterday out of the blue I realized I was sitting with my legs crossed, hallelujah 🙂 

I can feel a difference this morning big time.  I just feel lighter.  Hopefully a big gust of wind does not come along and blow me over!  My habits are starting to change and my cravings for chocolate have gone down.  It is interesting because I have been craving things like olives and pickles.  I know what you may be thinking but NO there is not way on this green earth I am prego just because I want a pickle!  They are both low calorie snacks and for the most part I can eat those when I want to. 

Next week I may venture into my closet and see how things fit.  For some reason that is a little intimidating to me so I want to be sure I am ready for it.  When my clothes do fit it will be like going shopping without the hassle of trying to find something I like.  There is also this stack of shorts and pants I have that my sister in law Lisa gave to me.  2 Years ago I was able to squeeze into them but that did not last long.  Trust me when they fit me again I with have a fashion show and your all invited!

Again I want to point out how nice it has been to have all of our new friends supporting us.  The community and support we have found online has been the biggest motivator.  Anytime I think of cheating I think  “oh I can’t I have 100’s of people wacthing me everyday, I can’t let them down!”  So again if you are trying to lose weight and have not started blogging about it or at least got onto twitter, do it!  You are never alone and there is always someone who you can relate to. 

One more thing this morning.  I tried on my wedding ring again and it still does not fit.  I thought for certain it would by now.  It’s okay though because I know it will fit soon.  Either way I am still married to Mr. wonderful 🙂  He even has been saying he can see that I am losing weight.  I don’t know if he really can or if he just wants to make me happy but I like it!

Light like a feather, Shannon



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10 responses to “Light like a Feather

  1. Well done Shannon! You’re doing great! I can’t wait for the day I can cross my legs again…

  2. A great post! It’s such a great feeling, feeling lighter. Actually FEELING it! Enjoy and keep going!!!

  3. Great job Shannon!

    I can’t wait to float like a feather….

  4. Congratulations to YOU!!! Love the post, inspiring. 🙂

  5. lavagal

    I am loving this challenge! Why? Because I am gaining so many virtual friends while we share our challenges and hopefully our losses! Hope you read my blog entry today. I said a bad word in it and it felt GOOD. LOL!
    Thank you for making the business of weight loss fun. If we can’t laugh at ourselves then everyone else will behind our jiggly backs and butts. So let’s beat them to the punch line and get our heinies in gear!

  6. Way to go Shann! Keep it up!

  7. Shannon, I am so happy for you! Congratulations – and I love that feather picture. Beautiful image. I feel the same way! But now I’m a feather with saggy pants. 🙂

  8. Congrats! That is great. I just started my weight loss journey, and I hope I’ll have a moment like that sometime soon as well.

  9. Whoops, I forgot to change the link to my weight loss blog, but anyway, it is

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