Life Happens

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I lost one pound at this mornings weigh in.  I am not thrilled, but it could be worse. 😉

My horoscope for today:  In spite of the leaps and bounds you’ve taken over the last several months, Angie, a slump could soon set in as you start doubting your ability to attain your most cherished goals. An unexpected setback may have occurred that was disheartening, but you’ve never let this sort of thing stop you before. Don’t fall into this trap now. Brace yourself, reassess your methods, and get back in the saddle. You’ll get there!

I am not the type of gal that lives by what a horoscope may say, but I read my horoscope on MSN occasionally and sometimes I think its whack and sometimes something hits me. This was one of those that hit me. I am getting a little discouraged that I am not losing weight quicker, not that I have been absolutely perfect, but I am on a diet damnit and the weight should just fall off for that reason, right? So I know there are things I could be doing better, but there are plenty of things I am doing better than I did before. I know I am losing, but not as fast as I would like to, and I know I shouldn’t compare myself to anyone, but I do.

So… when I read my horoscope today it hit me. Life happens – you learn and are better because of it. I know why I haven’t lost more weight, or even just feel good about the weight loss I have had. I haven’t worked hard enough for it. I still haven’t had a soda since last Monday, and that is great, but don’t ask how much I have exercised because I don’t want to tell you. Also, don’t ask how many Peanut Butter Truffle frozen yogurts I have had. (Thanks Shannon for introducing me to my biggest demon!) I also stay up too late and I know I suck at exercise and diet when I am tired. Great, now I know why I am not happy with my results, but changing it seems to be the tricky part. I know I need to keep a food journal and count my calories (that’s why it is in the challenge… cause I suck at it).  Okay, there it is my goal for the week… follow the challenge that Shannon and I created. It sounds so obvious, right?! I am doing some of the stuff, but obviously need to step it up in a few areas. It is funny how things just come to me in the middle of typing a post and it seems so brilliant at the moment, but is something that should be so obvious. Seriously, I think I am going to start posting about school, work, parenting, finances and everything else in my life I am having issues with because the obvious and amazing things come to me at those times.

I guess I am the girl that needs new motivation every other day just to stay on track and I haven’t been blogging or twittering much and I haven’t chatted with Shannon (a.k.a. my personal life/fitness/health coach and therapist) as much as I need to, apparently. Life happens – you learn and are better because of it!

A new day starts soon and another chance at being better than I was the day before!

Peace out – Angie, ready to transform her visions into her life!



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7 responses to “Life Happens

  1. Okay, here are the facts: You can do this! You create the life you want, it doesn’t just “happen”.

    Go for it, Angie! We’re all rooting for you! You’re worth the effort!

  2. Angie – a one pound weight loss is excellent. You are totally going in the right direction. And if you keep this up for a year, that’s 52 pounds!!

    I TOTALLY think you should be doing your own challenge, girl – I mean, if you’re inspiring all of us, come ON, you have to do it too! Or do your best. I still have not hit the water goal YET but am trying my hardest and am doing the other challenge points. I am loving the challenge. And exercise is the best way to do those points.

    I have one teeny suggestion for you. You said “I am on a diet dammit and the weight should just fall off.”
    What if you thought, instead: I am not on a diet. I am making healthy choices that I will be able to live with and sustain for the rest of my life.

    Because if you’re ON a diet, you can easily go OFF the diet. I feel like this is the one huge change that has made my scale tick down consistently since January, when it never has before, and I’ve been struggling with this for over 25 years. Yes, I’m old enough to be your momma and then some. Listen to Foodie. Don’t be on a diet anymore. Just make healthy choices every day, and be happy.

    Hugs to you girl! You can do this! oxoxoxo

  3. Foodie has a great reply. One of the things that will create the greatest success is to get past the short term goals and shoot for health for life, longevity, and making choices that you can LIVE with.

    I see that in your post already. You see that when you monitor your choices and become aware of them you make better choices. Doesn’t have to be 100% all the time just a 100% best you can give it all the time. So if this moment it isn’t such a good choice, you back up, look at the long term goal and in you next choice you are refocused and ready to make another choice. Hopefully this one will be towards the best life you desire with all your heart.

    There is some cheap software tools that will help with monitoring calories and exercise. Some free online tools as well. So that is one “excuse” you can get rid of the next time it comes up and bites you on the butt.

    You are doing great! The introspection on this journey is serving you and the rest of us tremendously. Keep up all the great work to become a better you each day and one day you will look back and say “Wow!, I can’t believe what I have done!” And there will be another moment to see where you can take it from there.

    Be Blessed

  4. The only thing I can say….that I say to myself every single day is….real change takes time. I can not change 20 some years of doing something in a few weeks. But every small change that I make every week….is helping.

    You can do this…and you will!

  5. Kathy @KKirkscey

    Hang in there, Angie! You are doing great! You lost some weight and are making healthy choices. The advice from Foodie and Coach Rick was great. I think you would help yourself a lot if you could figure out a way to get more sleep – remember we talked about that before! I know how hard that is with your busy life. And now you are spending so much time inspiring all of us! Just keep making healthy choices and the weight will come off!

  6. weightlosswiththefabulousfatties

    I love you guys… all of you! Thank you! I have not shared a health issue I have before and I don’t know how to even spell it, but it affects my sleep and stamina in a major way. I often feel as though I have mono and chronic fatigue, but the best thing for it is healthy eating, exercise and a minimum of 10 hours of sleep a day. It is greatly affected by stress, of which I have plenty right now.

    You all have such great advice and I have decided I am done dieting today and going to change my focus to achieving a healthy lifestyle!

    Thank you so much!!

  7. To stop dieting is the answer!! Live the lifestyle. That’s what I’m trying to do and once I quit “dieting” I don’t even really think about it anymore. I eat better, I feel better. I exercise, I feel better. I lose a few pounds, my clothes get looser. Small steps girl!! Those small steps add up to leaps!! Most of all take care of yourself…you’re not good to anyone especially yourself if your exhausted!

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