C25K… I am in!


Last night was a really rough night… I was dealing with some stuff that really hit me emotionally, but needed to be dealt with.  It was like an emotional cleanse and I woke up feeling great this morning.  I even exercised… in the morning and for me that is HUGE because I am not a morning person, and I don’t care to get the stupid worm!  I also got on the scale and was down, and let’s be honest – if that isn’t a mood booster for a chubby chick on a weight loss mission than what is?

I haven’t started the C25K yet, but plan to tomorrow and am very excited to be beginning a journey to do something only skinny healthy people do… run.  I have never liked running, because… really fat people don’t like to run, but I have always been envious of runners and their amazing bodies.  When I auditioned for the Biggest Loser I said I wanted to get in good enough shape to run a marathon. (Yes, I did audition for the Biggest Loser and they made a big mistake of not picking me, huge! JK!) I still would love to run a marathon someday, to me that is when I will know I have really gotten there.  To me that would be more important than a number on the scale or a size of clothing because that signifies true health.  You cannot get true health from a pill, a drink or any other quick fix way.  True health is something that takes time, constant effort and a lot of work.

I have said before I am an instant results type gal and I lose patience (give up) pretty quick.  This journey to achieve true health has tested my patience more than I would like to admit.  Sometimes I do really good and don’t lose and other times I do really bad and it doesn’t show much either, and then there are those times I think I am doing good and I gain?!  That is when I have had to reevaluate and find where I need to make some adjustments.  Accepting that everyone is different and I am not going to lose the same as Shannon or whoever is a realization I have come to accept and know I get to keep working and I will reach my goals when it is right for me. 

Another great quote I got from some fabulous person on twitter: 

“No matter what is happening in your life right now, TRUST that all is good and unfolding in your best interests.”

I believe we go through hard times to make us stronger, so we can learn, grow and really appreciate the good things in life.  Weight loss isn’t necessarily easy, but if it was would we appreciate it?  I feel like I am a stronger woman today than I was yesterday and I am so excited to focus my strength and energy on achieving my goals… on running a 5K in September.  You don’t know how amazing that is to me… I never would have thought of me as a “runner” even though I always secretly wanted to be.

Thank you, all of you, for your kind words and support.  Each day is an opportunity to make the world a better place!

An emotional (in a positive sense) and excited Angie



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14 responses to “C25K… I am in!

  1. Angie, all I can say is this is thrilling me to pieces and if you EVER need or want any support with this C25k, please do not hesitate. I am here for you! YOU CAN DO THIS!!!!!!


  2. geegs23

    Hi ladies, I stumbled across your blog the other day and have been catching up on prior post. As far as the C25K YOU CAN DO IT!! I will be starting the C25K program soon as I’m actually training for a half marathon in January.. (crazy I know!) Just stay positive about the program and don’t let any other elements such as weather or excuses get in your way! Good Luck and let us know how it’s going!

  3. It looks like we have a personal trainer in Foodie! YAY!

    My ultimate goal is to run at least a half marathon! We can do it! I don’t have any illusions that I will do this in the next year….but a gal has to have long term goals and that’s mine.

  4. Kathy @KKirkscey

    Yay Angie! You can totally do this!!! Woo Hoo! I wish Illinois was a little closer to Utah and we could run together. Be sure to have really good running shoes to prevent injuries.

  5. A 5k is a great goal to aim for! Good luck with it and the half marathon 😉 But I bet it’ll be cold in january lol.

  6. Amanda

    Amazing! I’m a huge believer in the C25K program – that’s how I got my start with running and now I love it!! Go girl! 🙂

  7. You go girl! I know you can do it… Losing weight is a form of detoxing, also from old, outdated, useless emotions!

  8. Best of luck with the C25K! You can do it – just take your time and you’ll be running a Marathon some day!!!

  9. Here is a good link for newbies to running that has some great tips. Shortened it but it goes to a bit of good advice for starting out.


  10. Hi Angie
    Your not alone on that emotional rollercoaster your are on because for one I am right there too. I have been on my mission for about 2 months and just about 2 weeks ago have been low on motivation and was begging for people to let me know what they did and though I got some ideas non of them helped me but here I am today will a little more motivation I had the other day. I realize that this mission is how I motivate myself with the help of others. My dry spell of motivation lasted about 2 weeks and not little by little getting it back. Also 5k is a great goal and just like you I see a runner even though I have never ran and never likes to run I also was curious about why do they like it so much and how do they go for so long. Right now I have worked up to a walk jog and noticing that I can go long and don’t think twice about it. I plan on doing a 5k one day but till then you train hard and enjoy it all. Come check out our mission page http://www.thefitmission.com

  11. Good luck with the run tomorrow. If you have any questions or need encouragement, let me know. And don’t put it off any longer than absolutely necessary, else you’ll never start. 😉

  12. weightlosswiththefabulousfatties

    Thank you so much everybody! I am getting the kids to bed and going to hop on the treadmill! WooHoo!

  13. Gluttony is good! 73% of Americans can’t be wrong.

    EAT EAT EAT Don’t fight your nature!

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