I’ve been waiting for something like this my whole life!

1 yogurt

There is a new devil in our lives.  It is called hogi yogi!  It was my little secret until I shared it with Angie last week.  We decided we would only allow ourselves 2 frozen yogurts a week as long as we were doing good.  So today I drive 15 miles towards home from work and pull into hogi yogi.  Guess who was in the drive up in front of me 10 miles out of  her way?  ANGIE! LOL Can you believe it!  What was even funnier is that it took me calling her twice before she answered my call.  Maybe she was afraid I would hear the boy at the window say “that will be $4.30 please” and I would know exactly where she was! We are seriously driving far out of our way for this supposed “fat free” yogurt.  It probably really is fat free until you turn it into a freakin’ Peanut Butter Truffle!  Once you add the peanuts, reeses peanut butter cup and chocolate on top I believe it may have a little bit of fat in it. 

Tonight I am watching Seinfeld and guess which episode it was?  The one where they found the frozen yogurt place and gained 7-8 pounds from eating it.  FUNNY!  They sat there eating it talking about how they can’t believe it is fat free and go back for more day after day.  If Angie and I were Newman it is us to a T.  Who knew we were an actual episode of Seinfeld?!  The only difference is instead of going inside we go through the drive-thru and count out our $4.30 sometimes in change just to get a fix. 

I have already had my quota of 2 this week and I cannot go back for another until after Monday.  I have a feeling Angie has as well or she would have answered my first call.  We may have to make a poster that they can put up for the employees of hogi yogi.  We could put our pictures on it and it could say “Please do not feed Shannon and Angie a.k.a. Fabulous Fatties more than 2 frozen yogurts a week.  By all means do not serve them a Peanut Butter Truffle signature yogurt!”

I’ve been waiting for something like this my whole life!  Shannon



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3 responses to “I’ve been waiting for something like this my whole life!

  1. weightlosswiththefabulousfatties

    Funny… I knew we were famous I just didn’t know it was in the form of Newman! LOL
    BTW… that was my first fat free (fabulous) frozen yogurt of the week and I ordered a small with no add ins. I didn’t answer your call because I was busy counting the change in the bottom of my purse – seriously!
    I will not allow my self to have fat free frozen yogurt #2 until I start the C25K!

  2. Funny! You’re a Seinfeld episode!

  3. I love it, but now I want a frozen yogurt!

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