Challenge Question 8


We are so excited at how well everyone is doing!  Today we thought it would be fun if you leave us a comment here and let us know how your doing on the challenge.  Make sure you put your twitter id as well as your site/blog info. so that others can access you.  If you read this post today make sure to read and leave a comment!  Leaving a comment is worth 10 extra points in the challenge.  Make sure YOU are keeping track of your own points.  Also follow and say hello to @IamSucceeding on twitter for 5 extra points.  If you dont have a twitter just say hi to her in the comment section and it will count!  Keep up the great work and thank you so much for the motivation! 

Today’s challenge question is:

What did Angie QUIT almost 2 weeks ago?

Remember do not leave the answer in the comments email them to us 🙂 

Make it a GREAT Friday!

XO Shannon & Angie




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11 responses to “Challenge Question 8

  1. Hello ladies 🙂 I already follow @IAmSucceeding but will make a point to say hello and give her some #FF love today!

    As of yesterday, I had 600 points 🙂 I just realized that I made a mistake on Twitter and said that it was 600 points in six days and that was wrong. It’s been seven days! Oooops. I’ll correct it today!

    Anyway, so far, here’s what I appreciate about this challenge:

    -Even though I tend to eat a lot of veggies and fruit, I am more aware and making sure I eat at least five servings every day
    -Now I am looking for random acts of kindness to perform
    -I am more consistent with my food journal on


  2. Doing well! Been a bit sidetracked the past few days BUT you guys motivated me to actually make a way for me to rejoin my local weight watchers meetings! TY…You all have been awesome.

  3. I’m going pretty well actually. This morning I actually got up and exercised before work!!! I can’t remember how many points I have so far, but I keep pluggin along!! Trying everday to increase those exercise points!!

  4. Lisa

    I decided to do this challenge to get my eating habits under control again. I don’t need to lose a lot of weight, but another 5-10 lbs. would be nice. Exercising is easy for me, it is my ‘me time’ and keeps me sane. (For the most part anyway. lol!) But I am a big time stress eater and there has been a lot of stress in my life lately. Of course I want the junk food not good for you food. I have done pretty good with this challenge (as far as the eating goes). I am getting all 8 glasses of water in each day and have been eating a lot more fruits and veggies, not always 5 servings but more than I usually do, so that is good, right?
    Thanks for being such awesome motivators!
    Lisa 🙂
    Oh! I almost forgot! Hello to @IamSucceeding

  5. The challenge is going good for me! It helps me keep track of my water and fruit intake. Loving it and loving you girls!!

    Twitter: @CyrenaP

  6. I am doing great. I love you guys. But my two MAJOR challenges are drinking enough water (have not gotten the points YET), and the healthy breakfast thing. For some reason, I have gotten very breakfast-resistant lately. What is my problem? I do not know! For instance, it is now 11:41am and I have not yet eaten. Is it too late for breakfast? Even if I eat “breakfast food” at noon that seems not to be the purpose. I think the point is to start one’s metabolism shortly after waking up. I’ve been up since 7am. Hmm. I NEED TO WORK ON THIS.

    In other news, though, I am doing great with the exercise (110 pts today!!!!!!!!!!) and I think of you every time I go shopping and pile on the fruits and veggies. That has been my “most improved” area and I have you to thank.

    Love you! oxoxo

    Twitter: @foodiemcbody

  7. I’m really doing well! I don’t usually journal my food, but I’m totally cool with doing it for two weeks and it’s actually been very interesting…

    My random good deeds have mostly been in gym, traffic and at the grocery store, since I don’t see other people during the day. But I’m definitely more aware that a kind word or a sincere compliment can really make someone’s day.

    Sorry to nag, but I have really no idea how many people was referred here from my blog and signed up using my name as a reference. Please can you let me know?

  8. jennijs

    I’m doing really well. I think the best part of this challenge for me is how much more conscious it makes me of my actions. I make sure that I’m drinking more water, and eating fruit and veggies, and when I feel like stopping my workout, I push myself just a little farther, because I know I can. I think this challenge is amazing and I hope we all appreciate Shannon and Angie for putting it together!! You ladies are amazing!!

  9. I love this challenge. When we first started I was going to get point in everything every day but I soon realized that I have a lot of other responsibilities and can’t beat myself up if some days I just don’t “do” everything. I have had 2 days of not exercising but I have been very diligent about my food journal, water, and fruits/veggies. I have been doing all of these things but not consistently or completely but since the challenge started I have been so good about tracking & eating TONS of veggies & fruits. I thought water would be the hard part but I am doing well with that.

    I am enjoying this challenge. It is just a great big reminder to do all those good healthy things!!

    Thanks for starting this challenge!!

    peace & luv,

  10. Kathy @KKirkscey

    I’ve really been enjoying the challenge. The best part for me has been doing the food journal. I never did that before, and I think it is really making a difference for me. I think twice about eating something if I am going to have to write it down! I still need to work on my water consumption, but I did give up soda!

    Thanks for challenging us!

  11. Can’t believe I missed this one yesterday. Oh well. I am doing pretty well, managed to not give into the soda temptation (it was close though). And I’m working out way more than I thought I would be. Love getting those points. Missed my water goal only once so far. This challenge is GREAT!

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