I am an EXCEPTION to Fat Girls!


Did you know if you are fat girl among your family and close friends that you are the exception to all the fat people jokes and rules?  Seriously it is true just ask one of my 4 brothers.  They have always dated and married thin very pretty women.  My 2 almost 3 sister in laws are no exception they are all thin and gorgeous!  I know they are laughing right now if they are reading this but it is true. 

The reason I bring this up is because one of my brothers was telling me about this girl he met in person after talking with her online and how he really was not attracted to her.  I asked him why and he told me “you can tell she just didn’t take care of herself, she was heavy.”  I laughed and said “well excuse me does that mean I don’t take care of myself?” he quickly replied “no of course not you and Mom have class.”  Great cover up I must say! 

Growing up around 4 boys I learned quickly what is attractive to the average male.  It is sort of ironic because my Mom and I are both over weight and always have been.  Time and time again we have been told by my Dad and brothers “you are not like that” or “you are not fat”  Funny because the truth of the matter is many times in comparison we have been that fat and just like that!  My brothers are great guys, don’t get me wrong.  Obviously thier eyes do no work right and they cannot see that my Mom and I are over weight so that even makes them better! 

I wonder what they would say if I wore a bikini to our next family get together?!  I bet they would see it then! lol

XO to my blind brothers! Shannon



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9 responses to “I am an EXCEPTION to Fat Girls!

  1. Lisa

    His quick come back was pretty funny. But he was right when he said you and your mom have class. Both of you always look so pretty.
    btw – my legs are feeling a little sore tonight. I hope I can get that app on my ipod so I can keep going.

  2. LADobelady

    Us fat sisters need to unite. I am the only fattie in my family. My sister is drop dead gorgeous and a whopping size 2, and my biggest fan. I’ve had great support from them throughout my dx with Type 2 and my weight loss.

    I would be interesting to see how much weight has affect who we are. I’m the oldest, I’m the caregiver, I take care of everyone and their problems. Was it because I was obese, birth order, or lifes circumstances?

    I’ve lost 86 pounds, and I was well over 50# lost before my Mother ever commented on it and my brother has yet to comment on it.

  3. Mom

    Gotta love those boys! Makes me wonder how in the world they ever got that way. I have never been bikini ready (that is in my entire life), have never even had one on. Well shann should we just for laughs. That would be a motivator!!!!!!!

  4. weightlosswiththefabulousfatties

    Thanks… this makes me feel, oh so comfortable to hang out with your family. I can only imagine what they would say about me… lol!

    • weightlosswiththefabulousfatties

      You are also excluded because you are my really good friend! Your safe 😉

  5. I think when you love someone you don’t “notice” certain things like fat LOL

    I also think what others “see” depends on how one carries oneself, whether he or she is confident or not, and so on.

  6. I’m also the only fat one in my family. One of my best friends used to be fat, but she lost all her excess weight last year and now she’s tiny! It’s just me left! But not for much longer…

  7. Thank you for this post. This so hits home with me. I also have 4 brothers, who are all in decent shape, runners and such. my sister and I struggle with our weight, but like you, we have never been considered “fat” by our family. Funny how that is. Even more so, whenever I would comment on being fat around “my” family, my children (21 and 23) and husband would always admonish me for saying so. Funny how now that I’ve lost 55 pounds, everyone can admit that yes, I was fat. Did they think I hadn’t realized? I still have 25 pounds to go, but I’m closer to fit than fat now.

    • weightlosswiththefabulousfatties

      It is funny how it works isnt it? Good for you on the weightloss. Way to go! You should be very proud of what you have done and good luck on the last 25. Anyone who thinks this journey is easy is crazy! So to accomplish anything is Gold Medal worthy 😉
      XO Shannon

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