Challenge Question 12

What is the name of the latest Fix It All Pill?

*Remember do not ave the answer in the comments, email it to us.



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2 responses to “Challenge Question 12

  1. Loved your post on the new pill. I have been taking the generic version for years! But the name isn’t as cool as yours. Actually the same company came up with a very effective contraceptive called Noassatol, which works perfect if you remember to take it every day!
    Congratulations on training for a 5K. That is so awesome. Let me know which race you are doing. I’d love to come and support you both.
    LOVE YA, Uncle Bill

    • weightlosswiththefabulousfatties

      I love my Uncle Bill… he is so funny! You are not coming to the race to support us, you are going to be running with us!

      My Uncle Bill is a huge support and is currently training for a marathon – yeah he rocks!


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