The Fix It All Pill Has Arrived!


Yes, I am please to announce today I discovered the pill that will fix it all… weight problems, men problems (or women), kids, ex problems, work problems, etc.  You name it and it will fix it!  I bet ya’ll would be willing to pay a pretty penny for a few of these babies, right?!  Too bad I am not sharing!

This morning I got on the scale at 5:30 a.m. to weigh in before I did my C25K workout.  I was down one pound and while that is down and progress I was a bit frustrated because on last Thursday I was down 3 pounds.  I was pretty good over the weekend, with the exception of Friday’s lunch which was naughty.  Saturday night my parents insisted on taking my boys and me to their favorite Chinese restaurant… I was scared, but determined to make a good choice.  First I asked if they had brown rice and the waitress told me the ham fried rice was kind of brown.  Um, I am not trying to eat by color smarty!  I ordered a chicken salad… FAIL!  Yuck!  Then I order one of the only non fried things and it contained vegetables, cashew chicken.  I was pretty proud of myself for making a good choice and eat left over for lunch Sunday and Monday.  My boss made some comment about Chinese food being so bad so I go to to check out the figures on cashew chicken.  I was flabbergasted, dumbfounded and aw struck!  You could have hit me upside the head with a Tonka truck and had less impact.  According to a “dish” of cashew chicken has 810 calories and 30 grams of fat!  Ww…What?!  I really thought I was being somewhat good… so much for thinking!

Then I have a headache and decide to open one can of Dr. Pepper.  I take a couple sips and it tasted like crap!  I can’t be good when I try and when I decided to cheat I can’t do that either.  I am running kids around, the weather sucks, but enjoying my son’s kickball game while my ex-husband can’t set his phone down because he wants to make sure I see him texting and for all I know he is texting his mommy.  Then he comes and takes my BBQ!  My boss calls during the kickball game and has me go do work stuff, my car sounds like it is going to die and my tires are bald!  Did I mention I was also wearing an unflattering, make me look fatter than I am shirt and not my favorite jeans?

So you get it I was having a bad day.  I call Shannon and she is kind of in the same boat.  Well my kids were going to their dad’s house so I am going to Shannon’s for some enlightened guidance and that is when I discovered the magic pill!  It came to me like a gift from the heavens above… Screwitol!  It is the pill that can fix almost anything.

I have decided sometimes it is best to eat ice cream, take-out and enjoy a movie with a friend.  No, I will not be doing this daily, or weekly, but I was up exercising at 5:30 a.m. and that is HUGE for me.  So when all else fails take a Screwitol and pick it all back up in the morning.

These are the wise word of Fab Fattie Angie and you have just received them… use them wisely as an overdose of Screwitol can really mess up your goals!

Angie the groovy chick!



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12 responses to “The Fix It All Pill Has Arrived!

  1. weightlosswiththefabulousfatties

    It is very important we let people know not to take more than 1 dose of Screwitol. If you take mutiple doses then you will end up with Screwitforever syndrome and it is bad and very discouraging! Screwitol is only to be used as directed by best friends who are licensed to help you quit taking Skrewitol when neccesary to avoid severe weight gain and the side effects of Screwitforever!
    XO Shannon

  2. Hey Ang im sorry you had a bad day…..hang in there and HOPEFULLY you will have a better day tomorrow!!! Im so proud of you taking on this journey….weight loss is not easy… you are such an inspiration to others….I am also trying to Run more it has always been my dream to run a marathon….so lets keep up the good work and maybe someday the barney gals can run one together!!! Keep your head up you are AMAZING!! Love Ya!!

  3. Angie, I know the feeling(s) and had many of the same ones this weekend. And today. Next time you feel the urge for a Screwitall pill, please DM your friend Foodie on Twitter and I will talk you down, promise.

    No more than one pill per month, OK? oxoxo

  4. Tina2967

    Screwitall pill, a genius idea! Angie you are still in the fight and I commend you for it! I can see how far you have come in the last few weeks (lack of Dr.P, exercising, etc.) you really rock and inspire me because I’ve been floundering lately. It’s so easy to fall into that ‘everything in my life sucks so I deserve to eat what I want’ way of thinking. Unfortunately I’m in that mode right now and am kicking myself because of it. You gals help me to at least keep thinking about staying in the fight and I will get back in the swing of things hopefully soon!

  5. Kathy @KKirkscey

    Angie, so sorry you had a bad day! I was having a stressed out day today, but your post made me laugh! Especially about the Dr. Pepper tasting like crap so you couldn’t even enjoy cheating! I have been there. That means you are making great progress! The Dr. Pepper tasted like crap because you have been eating and drinking more healthy options. Yay!

  6. Yep, “when all else fails take a Screwitol and pick it all back up in the morning” couldn’t agree with you more. The secret is actually picking it back up in the morning, moving past the bad day, and recognizing that there are good days ahead and you are headed in the right direction. You can do this!

  7. I love you Angie! You always make me smile and give a little giggle! Your awesome!

  8. Screwitol! I love it!

  9. CJ Carter

    OHHHHH! I so understand being blown away by what you thought was a good meal choice. The family went out to eat for my son’s birthday and he picked “On the Border”. Mexican food (yikes) so here I am thinking I am all smart, I will eat a fish taco. After I got home I wanted to add the meal to my food journal so I googled what I ate. I was FLOORED, and then I was ticked! Had I known it was that bad, I would have eaten enchilladas! FYI, one fish taco at On the Border has 610 cal and 47g of fat. AVOID AVOID AVOID! Good luck, this process is one day at a time. If you drop the ball on one day, pick it right back up and keep going. HUGS! CJ

  10. Lol you gals, I can always count on a good laugh when I come here. I have to agree occasional doses of Scewitall is great for refocusing the mind. If you run out another great substitute is a deep breath and letting your out breath release it to the universe (or God, or whoever you give credit for running things). This is an emergency substitute and can be used as often as needed.

    A book that it looks like a lot of commentators might find a eye opener is called “Eat This, Not That”. For you ladies you can easily keep it in your purse or car for when you go out. It has a bunch of suggestions that do less damage to the waistline at popular eating establishments. Some of the information in that book will blow you away how many calories can be packed into a stinking onion for instance.

    But when it is all said and done. Letting Go and moving on seems to work the best for me. I celebrate the really good days, the not so good days, and even the “Gee I sucked today!” days. Each one teaches me something, and if I am teachable I can learn to change one choice at a time. Knowing that each choice is a moment away from the next one. When I make great choices they stack up for more great choices. Example with the diet soda. It doesn’t even taste good any more.

    As always you two are doing a wonderful job, recovering with beauty and grace, even when you stumble a tiny bit. Besides I think I lost a couple of lbs just laughing so hard today.

    Be blessed

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