Challenge Question 14

What did the back of the truck say in the Big City post by Angie?  Get 10 extra points by saying hello and following @hanlie on twitter.  If you don’t have twitter say hello in the comments and if you already follow her just say hello and you get the points!

*Rememeber to email your answer.  Today and Tomorrow left in the challenge 🙂 There will 1 prize for most points and 1 prize for points/story so don’t give up just because you may not have a ton of points, make sure to send them in. 🙂



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3 responses to “Challenge Question 14

  1. Aw thanks! That’s so sweet!

    If I just run to the mirror quickly and say hi to myself, do I get the ten points too?

  2. Hello @Hanlie. Sorry, not on twitter.

  3. Mandie

    Hi @Hanlie! Sorry, I’m not on Twitter either.

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