The End of Challenge #2

Challenge #2 has ended and we have been enjoying reading all of the challengers amazing success stories.  The stories are great and so many of you have put so much into this challenge we are truly touched!  Because we recieved so many great responses we will not be posting our winners until tomorrow night when we have time to really review them.

Thank you to all who participated and supported us though this challenge!  We have learned so much from all of you and feel we are better people because of the contacts and friendships we have made!


The Fab Fatties



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One response to “The End of Challenge #2

  1. Keri

    I hope you guys are doing a challenge #3 because I want to participate!!! But I am still feeling really lost in everyone’s blogs and twitter pages ( I get WAY TOO MANY updates each day to go thru them all!) so I need instructions lol! So if someone could let me know how this all works…I would GREATLY appreciate it!!!!!

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