Fabulous Fattie Challenge #2 WINNERS!

WOO HOO It's Over!

WOO HOO It's Over!

Well our challenge #2 has come to a close.  It has been so much fun getting to know everyone and you have all been so motivating not only to us but to each other.  It has been so exciting to watch the support and new friendships transpire throughout this challenge.  We could have never guessed that this little challenge would do what it has.  All in all we hope you feel better about yourselves, smile more often and meet new friends.  That is what it is all about to us 🙂 

First place was an easy decision because it was based on most points. 2nd place was SO HARD to choose!  Can we just say that all of you had great little stories and did so much, choosing a winner was almost impossible!  We put our top 10 into a drawing to choose the 2nd place winner or you all would be waiting another 2 weeks for results because it really was that hard to decide.

We want to give a HUGE shout out to Debra Mazda, she gave us some of the prizes for the challenge and they are great!  If you have not tried her workouts go to her site RIGHT NOW and get a video because they are wonderful!

So here are our winners!

1st Place Susan A.K.A. @Foodiemcbody on Twitter

She had the most points earning a whopping: 1798

Our Fabulous 1st place winner Susan’s take on the challenge

The Challenge
The points are in, the chart filled up
Time for final judgment. The bad?  Water.
Could not gulp those 64 ounces, not one day.
The good? Exercise, fruits and veggies.
The beautiful? Good deeds: smiles add endorphins.
Weight? A pound lost, overall. But worth a pound of gold.
Thanks, fabulosas!

Visit Susan’s site here.

2nd Place Jen A.K.A. @bwjen on Twitter

She did a blog post that was great and you can check it out here on her site.

Congratulations to Susan and Jen!  

All of you really are our friends and we could not do this without you!  Thank you so much for doing this with us and we look forward to doing another in about a month.  Any suggestions or ideas are always welcome!

XO Shannon & Angie 




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11 responses to “Fabulous Fattie Challenge #2 WINNERS!

  1. Thank you for such an awesome challenge!! While winning is well, wonderful, the challenge itself was fabulous!! I feel revived and HEALTHY!! Can’t wait for the next one!!

    ❤ Jen

  2. Well done to the winners! They certainly deserve their prizes!

    And thank you again, Shannon and Angie, for a wonderful challenge!

  3. Congrats to the winners!!

    Looking forward to the next challenge!

  4. thank you so so so so much. I actually can’t believe it! But looks like those daily minutes added up. 🙂 Very happy. YOU GIRLS ROCK.

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  6. Congrats to the winners. Well done and great work.

    A little hint on water intake. A little CrystalLyte can go a long way to helping you get your water intake up without adding to your calorie intake. Also keeping a water container next to you will remind you to at least take a sip. Also remember to count all liquid intake, even coffee as it adds more water then it throws off your body.

    When you take all that into play it gets easier to get your water intake up!

    Again great work everyone on a well designed and well played challenge!

  7. Oh and one more thought for all you contenders:

    It takes 30 days to develop a habit and the challenge covered many habits of good health. You have done 2 weeks. Challenge yourself now and do 2 more.

    Watch how you feel and the way you look at your power to do what is good for you. It gets easier when if feels more like a part of your routine and not just something to knock out for 2 weeks.

    Step by step it is all a journey. You get to decide to stop where you are or keep climbing even if it is one baby step at a time. It all adds up to a better, healthier you!

  8. Congrats to the winners! Hurrah! And thanks for a great challenge!

  9. Great suggestion re Crystal Lite, Coach Rick. I like the stuff very much.

  10. Congrat’s on great achievment!Just keep going on-don’t play with “yoyo” and get loose again!

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