Bad Economy..Good for Weight Loss



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Well finally I get to post!  I am excited, with the challenge and all we haven’t been able to post as much.  I guess it is good to get a little break, right?  I have to admit something that I am sure many of you have been dealing with as well.  The economy has taken it’s toll on me and my entire family.  I was in real estate doing fairly well a year and a half ago and as you all know it pretty much has tanked.  Along with that my entire extended family and most all of my friends who own their own businesses have dealt with the same thing.  It has created a very negative vibe in this little world we all live in, just in case you hadn’t already noticed…lol.  I am not trying to sit here and boo hoo poor me.  I am telling you all of this for a reason.

I make it a point to see the upside in things no matter how crappy it all really is.  There is always a bright side isn’t there?  Well this past week I have had more than I can take.  Many people I love and care about have really been hit hard and it is very obvious.  There have been about 3 days in a row that I just felt like giving up.  Nothing is more disheartening than working your tail end off and still being behind week after week.  Not to mention all though I have a great job, I am not a desk person I love to be out and about making things happen.  So the 9-4 job I have is kind of like cutting off a birds wings.  If my boss or his wife read this don’t worry I am a loyal wingless bird I won’t be going anywhere…lol 😉

Okay now to my point.  What I have noticed is that I take my stress out in exercise.  Holy crap I cannot believe I do that!  All I have needed all of this time is a real bad economy to get off my fat A**.  For me exercise is just what I have been looking for.  It makes me HAPPY 🙂  I feel better, things seem like they are possible and it takes my mind off of  all of the negative that is going on.  WHO FREAKIN’ KNEW?!

I have decided to compile a list of what to do if you are in a similar situation.  Keep the glass is half full attitude, do your daily exercise and talk the opportunity to burn more calories whenever possible: 

1.  When bill collectors call….Put the phone on the treadmill and turn it on high.  If they are still there after that then try kickboxing the damn phone!

2.  When bills that you can’t pay come in the mail….Just don’t pick them up!  Let them stay in the mailbox until they cannot fit anymore in it and then maybe the mailman will stop bringing them!  If all else fails just wait until there are 5o+ pounds of mail in the box and get your weight lifting done sorting through it all.

3.  When the power man shows up with your disconnect notice….Chase him out of your driveway running as fast as you can swearing if need be and waving the notice in the air.  This is certain to burn at least 100 calories!

4.  Make sure you lock yourself in the your car when the repo man shows up.  With it being summer and all you are sure to sweat off 1-2 pounds!

5.  Run, run as fast as you can when anyone shows up to collect money for fundraisers, donations and any other form of genorosity.  If you are running you cannot carry a check book so they will never know that you are just flat A** broke.  You may want to do the same thing if you get an invite to a lia sophia party, pampered chef or tupperware party. 

Now please know that these are just suggestions you do not have to do any of them.  Of course I have not tried them but I think I may when necessary.  Please feel free to add to the list and keep smiling because when you smile through adversity you burn even more calories!

Heading out to lock myself in the car and drink my 1/2 glass of water.  XO Shannon



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8 responses to “Bad Economy..Good for Weight Loss

  1. You’re in real estate and things were blissful under Bush?
    I think your brain might be Twinkie-deprived…

    P of V,
    Well I am certain my brain is twinkie deprived. A couple of things, I never said blissful or Bush and this is not a political pulpit blog so hopefully you mean all of that out of fun as this whole blog is intended to be.

  2. Amanda

    HA! That lolcat picture has me cracking up.

    Great suggestions on how to make the crummy economy work for your diet…Using stacks of past due bills to lift weights is genius! 😉

  3. Saw this via FoodieMcBody
    P of V’s comment is off the wall and uncalled for IMHO and I’m no fan of W. (understatement)

    Good response. Politics unnecessary. Just wanted you to know – don’t listen to the gripers, the internet brings out all kinds of negative comment.

    • weightlosswiththefabulousfatties

      Thank you! Honestly I could care less. This was our very first negative, out there, has nothing to do with what we are talking about comment. So I had to post it just to respond.
      Trust me I understand the different folks on here. Everyone is entitled to their comments and opinions, but if you come here to toot your horn. Well we are just smart ass enough to respond 😉
      Thanks for visiting a friend of foodie’s is certainly a friend of ours!

  4. Yes, businesses, ours included, are suffering badly over here too! Fortunately eating well is actually cheaper than eating badly, so we’re keeping head above water…

  5. Glass half full or half empty, when all you have to drink is water (lol) what difference will it make. I have to agree with Hanlie, at least it is summer time and the price of good food is down. Too bad gas is going up again.

    As funny as your post was it has some great wisdom in it as always. Exercise is the cheapest stress reliever there is. It releases all those good chemicals in our body and helps us feel more relaxed.

    Caution when chasing meter readers or bill collectors, you may find them carrying self defense these days. So be careful! Lol

    May you all be blessed with abundance soon. I know here in Idaho they aren’t seeing it change any time soon. I just try to remember who is in charge (and I am not referring to politics :+))

  6. belt tightening here as well

    for me it has been a GIFT not to be able to afford to eat out much OR, if we go to a movie and hire a sitter there is NOT money left for concession snacks 🙂

    always a good thing to pass on the snackage 🙂

  7. I have to be honest. That picture alone had me laughing for a good few minutes!

    Don’t get discouraged! You’ve been doing SO good, and things will get better with the economy soon! Just gotta keep that ‘glass half full of water’ attitude lady! And definitely try the car thing… It’s like a sauna for one! 😀

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