My Hero… My Dad

My Daddy!

My Daddy!

I have always been very close with my dad and to this day I am still his little princess.  I will always be a daddy’s girl, and I am thankful for that.  My dad is the type of guy everyone knows and respects.  I grew up in a small town and my dad was always supporting my brothers and I at our sporting events, school activities and whatever else we came up with.  I became best friends with my parents at an age were most kids don’t.  In high school I competed in High School Rodeo which meant my parents were hauling me, my horses and often a friend and their horses all over the state every weekend, spring and summer.  My dad also practiced with me a couple times a week.  He is an excellent horseman.  This is when I learned my parents are my best friends.

My dad is the type of guy who would drop everything for his kids or grandchildren.  He is an amazing husband to my mother and a stand up guy.  He is truly my hero!  As a single mother I am so thankful my dad has been there so much for my kids.  He will drop everything to play ball with the boys and is a great teacher.  My boys love to help their “Papa” work and have learned so much from him.

I really wish everybody could have a dad as wonderful as mine.  He thinks I am fabulous and that is all I need!

I love you Dad!  XOXO

Angie, daddy’s little princess



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3 responses to “My Hero… My Dad

  1. Great tribute to your dad, Angie! I think most of us are still very much daddy’s girls…

  2. Wow, I loved your tribute to your dad. You could have been describing my dad exactly. I participated in high school rodeo as well and there is nothing like driving up and down the state in the cab of a truck bonding with your dad as a teenager. When my friends weren’t even speaking to their parents, I was spending every night practicing and every weekend participating in rodeo with mine.

    Thanks for the trip down memory lane. Gotta love those cowboy dads!

    • weightlosswiththefabulousfatties

      Your dad must be a pretty great guy too! It is so fun you did high school rodeo also! What state and events? How similar we are…

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