I just can’t help myself!

1 0625_kate_gosselin_spl109218_003_splashOkay I am not one to really BASH celebs.  I have just so had enough of Jon and Kate.  When you choose to go public like they have unfortunately you are at the mercy of TMZ!   When I saw this on TMZ I had to share it because I think it is freakin’ hilarious!  Not so much her picture because I would sell my leg to look like that but the comments made are what cracked me up!  All of this is on TMZ’s website and I have to admit I am addicted to TMZ!   I am pretty certain I will go straight to hell for this, but I will take my chances 😉

XO Shannon

From TMZ their comments regarding this picture of Kate…

The mother of eight flashed her tanned backside in a blue bikini near her PA home on Thursday.

Thankfully, Kate did keep something covered … her chunk stripe, bi-level porcupine reverse mullet weave.

Oh and they had something to say about Jon as well…

Jon Gosselin — Douchey Clothes Make the Man 

1 0625_gosselin_ginsburg_exd

 Audigier tells TMZ that he sent a bunch of free stuff for the Gosselin family’s eight little rugrats a few months ago, but the only member of the family brave enough to wear it in public is Jon.

The designer’s taken notice and predicts we’ll be seeing a lot more tigers, skulls and rhinestones in the near future — Christian says he’s sent Jon a box full of the tattoo inspired goods.



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7 responses to “I just can’t help myself!

  1. Our pleasure, thank you very much for checking it out.

  2. Yes, I agree… It’s a good thing she’s wearing that hat. Does she not have a mirror at home? I’m afraid of her hair…

  3. weightlosswiththefabulousfatties

    Great! Now I am all self concious I have Kate hair! I am never taking off my hat again!

  4. Nice shirt. I haven’t watched the show but I heard that Jon is pretty close to the dumbest person alive. Is that accurate? I also heard that Kate is really mean.

  5. OMG! The TMZ comment about Kate’s mullet weave was too funny! I hate that haircut. And yes, I’d give my first born for a body like hers. Of course, I have no children, my eggs are old and I probably would NEVER give my first born for a great body. Probably. 🙂

  6. She looks like that after 8 kids! Amazing! And I have to admit, her hair is awful!

    I’ve never seen the show, but when I first saw a picture of him, I thought, this guy is as dumb as a doorstop. You can just see it…

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