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Fabulous Fattie Challenge #2 WINNERS!

WOO HOO It's Over!

WOO HOO It's Over!

Well our challenge #2 has come to a close.  It has been so much fun getting to know everyone and you have all been so motivating not only to us but to each other.  It has been so exciting to watch the support and new friendships transpire throughout this challenge.  We could have never guessed that this little challenge would do what it has.  All in all we hope you feel better about yourselves, smile more often and meet new friends.  That is what it is all about to us 🙂 

First place was an easy decision because it was based on most points. 2nd place was SO HARD to choose!  Can we just say that all of you had great little stories and did so much, choosing a winner was almost impossible!  We put our top 10 into a drawing to choose the 2nd place winner or you all would be waiting another 2 weeks for results because it really was that hard to decide.

We want to give a HUGE shout out to Debra Mazda, she gave us some of the prizes for the challenge and they are great!  If you have not tried her workouts go to her site RIGHT NOW and get a video because they are wonderful!

So here are our winners!

1st Place Susan A.K.A. @Foodiemcbody on Twitter

She had the most points earning a whopping: 1798

Our Fabulous 1st place winner Susan’s take on the challenge

The Challenge
The points are in, the chart filled up
Time for final judgment. The bad?  Water.
Could not gulp those 64 ounces, not one day.
The good? Exercise, fruits and veggies.
The beautiful? Good deeds: smiles add endorphins.
Weight? A pound lost, overall. But worth a pound of gold.
Thanks, fabulosas!

Visit Susan’s site here.

2nd Place Jen A.K.A. @bwjen on Twitter

She did a blog post that was great and you can check it out here on her site.

Congratulations to Susan and Jen!  

All of you really are our friends and we could not do this without you!  Thank you so much for doing this with us and we look forward to doing another in about a month.  Any suggestions or ideas are always welcome!

XO Shannon & Angie 




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Today is it!  The last day of Fab Fattie Challenge #2.  We hope everyone has had fun with it and made some healthy changes.  You have all day today to get more points, so what better to do than a couple of good deeds?!  Today only your good deeds are worth 50 points.  So get out there be nice, be kind and SMILE 🙂

  • The challenge ends tonight at midnight MST.
  • Send us your point total with how you got your points.  It can be a brief description but let us know how you go them. 
  • Also you have to include a short 50 words or less story on what this challenge did for you.
  • All results need to be to us by Sunday afternoon 4:00 MST so we can get the winner’s chosen and announce them on Monday June 15th.

There will be 2 winner’s chosen.  1 will be based on points and how you got them.  The other will be based on your story and how you got your points but the number of points will not be as important.  So no excuse not to send your results to us.  Everyone has a fair shot to win!  Email your results to us at Thank you everyone for participating!  You are our driving force and motivation we love you!

XO Shannon & Angie

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Challenge Question 14

What did the back of the truck say in the Big City post by Angie?  Get 10 extra points by saying hello and following @hanlie on twitter.  If you don’t have twitter say hello in the comments and if you already follow her just say hello and you get the points!

*Rememeber to email your answer.  Today and Tomorrow left in the challenge 🙂 There will 1 prize for most points and 1 prize for points/story so don’t give up just because you may not have a ton of points, make sure to send them in. 🙂


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Challenge Question 13

What is the name of the song that Shannon talked about in her 1st c25k workout?

*3 more days in the challenge!  Make sure you tally up your points and get them into us this weekend! 

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Challenge Question 12

What is the name of the latest Fix It All Pill?

*Remember do not ave the answer in the comments, email it to us.


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Challenge Question 11

How many brothers does Shannon have?  Get 10 extra points by saying Hello to @KCLAnderson on twitter and following her.  If you do not have twitter you can say hello to her here in the comments!

*Remember do not leave the answer in the comment box email it.

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Challenge Question 10

What is the name of Angie’s post that she refers to a rock chip?

*Remember email the answer do not leave it in the comments.

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