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I’ve been waiting for something like this my whole life!

1 yogurt

There is a new devil in our lives.  It is called hogi yogi!  It was my little secret until I shared it with Angie last week.  We decided we would only allow ourselves 2 frozen yogurts a week as long as we were doing good.  So today I drive 15 miles towards home from work and pull into hogi yogi.  Guess who was in the drive up in front of me 10 miles out of  her way?  ANGIE! LOL Can you believe it!  What was even funnier is that it took me calling her twice before she answered my call.  Maybe she was afraid I would hear the boy at the window say “that will be $4.30 please” and I would know exactly where she was! We are seriously driving far out of our way for this supposed “fat free” yogurt.  It probably really is fat free until you turn it into a freakin’ Peanut Butter Truffle!  Once you add the peanuts, reeses peanut butter cup and chocolate on top I believe it may have a little bit of fat in it. 

Tonight I am watching Seinfeld and guess which episode it was?  The one where they found the frozen yogurt place and gained 7-8 pounds from eating it.  FUNNY!  They sat there eating it talking about how they can’t believe it is fat free and go back for more day after day.  If Angie and I were Newman it is us to a T.  Who knew we were an actual episode of Seinfeld?!  The only difference is instead of going inside we go through the drive-thru and count out our $4.30 sometimes in change just to get a fix. 

I have already had my quota of 2 this week and I cannot go back for another until after Monday.  I have a feeling Angie has as well or she would have answered my first call.  We may have to make a poster that they can put up for the employees of hogi yogi.  We could put our pictures on it and it could say “Please do not feed Shannon and Angie a.k.a. Fabulous Fatties more than 2 frozen yogurts a week.  By all means do not serve them a Peanut Butter Truffle signature yogurt!”

I’ve been waiting for something like this my whole life!  Shannon



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That’s Just How It Goes…

images[9] (2)


Sometimes life gives you exactly what you need… Friday morning I had decided I was going to have a “to hell with my diet day”.  I was getting ready for work and didn’t have anything to wear so I reached back to the very deepest darkest corner of my closet and pulled out a shirt that I haven’t worn in nearly FIVE years because it has been too small.  I tried it on thinking it wasn’t going to fit, but I was desperate.  To my surprise it fit!  I was so excited I wore it with pride and it gave me the motivation I needed to stay on track all day.  However, that night on the way to do some last minute birthday shopping for my son I spilled all over it and had to buy a new shirt to finish my shopping. 🙂

Saturday my amazing kids, my parents and I went to the zoo for, Ty, my youngest son’s birthday.  We walked and walked and walked and as a bonus I carried my four year old angel for some of the time.  Point being I hate chicken strips and fries for lunch and am trying to justify that by the fact that I am sure I burned some calories at the zoo.

I have to tell you about this girl I saw at the zoo though… HILARIOUS!  I see this plus size woman wearing a low cut t-shirt, jeans and high heels.  Who wears high heels to the zoo?  She was with a man and two kids.  Here is the crazy thing… her shirt has a “For Rent” sign on it; like what someone would hang in the window of a rental property.  In the space where the phone number would go it says… “by the hour”.  No kidding!  WHAT?!  Who wears that?  I tried so hard to get a picture without her noticing to no avail.  I should have just gone right in front of her and took the picture.  Oh well, next time!images[6] (2)




Good times, good times!  I am so glad I can finally walk up and down the stairs without my face crinkling into a crazy, yet painful, distortion.  I was so sore last week from some serious working out.  I am excited and ready to get back to it.

I know this post is random, but that is where I am in the moment.



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Sometimes good things fall apart so better things can fall together.

Well this has been an interesting week to say the least.   I did gain weight and it will not happen again!  Okay so now I am OVER IT!  I have been thinking alot about this post today and what I wanted to share with you. 

1 marilyn_monroe_quote

This is a week of lessons learned for me.  I am a true believer that things always happen for a reason.  This past week I have learned so much about myself.  Who would have thought that everything falling apart can make so much come together?  I had to recognize my biggest weakness and by doing that I am a stronger person for it.  Now I know how to head it off, recognize it and change my habits, in the future.  I have also learned that I need to put it all out there.  By being open and honest about my feelings and struggles I found so much wonderful advice and support from everyone that it’s a little overwhelming.  There are so many wonderful people we have met here online and I truly believe this support system that has been created is a HUGE part of why I am going to do this!  This morning I feel stronger and more determined than I have in a while.  That is very exciting to me!

Yesterday I was able to admit that I do need help with meal planning.  Up to now I have just been kinda counting calories and cutting this and that out.  I have not had a structured plan.  In my about me page on our blog I have a list of diet programs and how I feel about them.  Weight Watchers is on the list.  My exact comment is “I would rather eat my own arm than go to a meeting.”  lol  I am not sure if I would really eat my arm or not, but I really do hate meetings.  Thinking about this I have had to admit, it’s not the meeting I dislike, it’s the accountability of going there in person and having to put my junk on the table!  I joined Weight Watchers online with the option to go to meetings, so this week I will attend a meeting.  However I will not be changing my blog profile anytime soon. lol 

As you can see I have a plan.  This is the start of a new week and I feel excited, happy and strong.  I am looking forward to what this week holds.  My dear diet buddy Angie told me last night “we spend way to much time sweating the small stuff.”   After all right this very minute we are making a choice, a choice to be happy or sad, a choice to keep moving ahead or stop and a choice to see the good through the bad.  The small stuff for me is being left in last week and I choose not to go back and dwell on it again. I choose to make my life better and keep on moving ahead!



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Chocolate Cake, Lilacs and a Goat

Well week three down!  I am pretty excited about it I feel like I have done pretty well.  I have lost 2 more pounds which brings my total in 3 weeks to 10 pounds.  I feel great, excited and better than I have in a long time!  When I was thinking about this post over the week I thought of 21 days to break a habit but then I realized  I have not went a full 21 days off of anything, so that would not work.  The inspiration for today’s post is coming from my Mother’s Day.  We are going to start at the chocolate cake.  1 choc cakeThis is a 5 pound chocolate cake!  I wish I could tell you that it was given to me as a gift, but I am afraid to say that I bought it myself.  Honestly, I do not know what came over me.  I went shopping to get items for dinner and passed up several cakes with cute pink and green frosting on them, no trouble at all.  Then I come around the corner and there it was, right in front of me chocolate freakin’ heaven!  So I bought it for dessert after dinner, I am certain you all would have done the same.  (this is where you agree.)  When I got home I put dinner in the oven and decided I would have my slice of cake.  When you take a 5 pound cake and eat 1/10th you eat 1/2 of a pound.  Yeah think about that one!  When I got done eating it I felt like a cheap cheating sleaze ball.  I realized although I had not been perfect in the last 21 days I had not touched a pastry or baked sugary anything.  Right away I knew that I had to counteract the damage I had done.  I decided to go on a bike ride.  When I was leaving my house I suited up in my calorie counting gadget, helmet and mp3 player.  The last words out of my mouth were “I am not coming back until I have burned 600 calories.”  Heading down the road I knew that I was going to have to go down “THE HILL” to burn the necessary 1 hillcalories, now the hill is a monster.  I have been avoiding it for a while because honestly I did not think I could make it back up.  The devastation would be huge if my neighbors saw me pushing my bike and my fat butt up the hill.  As I approached the hill I got that feeling you get when you go on an amusement park ride, you know that one of no turning back  when you are strapped in and it’s to late.  That’s the feeling.  So I just sucked it up and down the hill I went.  It was exhilarating!  My little speedometer thingy said I went 27 MPH just coasting down the hill.  The ride was so much fun I realized how much I have missed the feeling of freedom that bike riding gives you.  It had been 2 years since I dared to go that far on my bike.  I enjoyed every 1 lilacsminute of it .  The smell of the lilac bushes as I cruised by smelt so very good. They are my favorite.  It seemed to go from lilacs to BBQ’s, there were a few times I thought about stopping for a hot dog…but I didn’t.  I kept cruising along trying to avoid the streets that have dogs that chase you, along with the streets that my friends live down who would make fun of me in my bike helmet.  The next thing I knew, I was 5 miles away from home.  Then it hit me, I had to eventually turn around and go back.  So I headed up the road.  All of a sudden the easy going bike ride started going up hill.  I was huffing and puffing certain that people could hear my panting as I rode by.  Although my speedometer said I was going 7 MPH I am sure it was 8 or 9!  My legs were burning and I started trying to focus on the music, then all of a sudden I found a little friend.  It was like he was cheering me on as I rode by.  Letting me know I was going to make it.  It was a goat.  He just gave me such a look 1 goatas I sped by at 6 MPH that I could not help but feel a little bond with him.  He is now one of my diet buddies.  I did make it up that street and then turned to head home.  The rest of the ride was fairly easy, but I knew what was coming.  I had it all planned out in my head, when to switch gears, when to say it’s okay and push my bike up the hill all of it, I had mentally prepared myself for this hill.  My bike started out at 12 MPH and I just kept telling myself I was going to make it, I kept peddling away and was about half way up the hill then my speedometer went to 8, 6, 5 and then 3 MPH.  My little chubby legs were peddling as fast as they could, I was just hoping that my bike did not tip over from lack of motion.  I put my head down and then all of a sudden I was at the top of the hill!  I made it!!!!  Then I started to cry, I cried because I did it, I cried because I am strong enough and I cried because I found that I can do whatever I set my mind to even when I feel like I can’t.  This may seem small to some people but to me it is huge!  It is something I have not done for 2 years because I was afraid of failure.  Biking is something that I have loved so much and I kept myself away from it out of fear.  How ridiculous is that?  So my fear is gone, I proved that I can make it back up that damn hill and I will conquer it again and again!  The only thing that holds us back is ourselves no one else.  My plan this week is to ride a total of 50 miles because I CAN do it, because it will make me feel better and because I deserve to do something I enjoy so much.  Long story with weird stuff but hey this is me and I CAN have a goat as a diet buddy if I want! Who knew 1 piece  of chocolate cake would lead to this?

Shannon with a new Diet Buddy


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Baby Shower


So 12 days in and it happened.  This morning I knew I was going to my cousins baby shower tonight.  The baby shower just so happens to be in the same town as my favorite chinese restaurant.  Knowing what I was going face I just planned on going out to the chinese restaurant.  I made sure that my breakfast and lunch were low calorie and hey I have been really good for 12 days!  There really is not a healthy choice in a chinese restaurant so I just went ahead and ordered my favorite, the sweet and sour chicken combo meal.  Oh lordy it tasted good!  What do you want me to lie? 

My mom is awesome she eats 1/2 of her meal and gets the other half to go.  I don’t understand where she gets the power to do that…go mom!  As she is putting her food into the to go container she looks at me and says “do you want to take that to go”?  Um let me think about it for a minute…hell NO! I managed to polish off the rest of my meal and then gave her the last 2 spoonfuls of rice to add to her to go box.  So officially I only ate 99% of my meal.  I really wish I could say that this is the end of this story, but I am ashamed to say that it is not. 

We went to the baby shower, the whole reason we were there in the first place.  Who knew they were going to feed us there?!  It was not on the invitation, you really should put that kind of information on an invitation.  To be polite I decided to  partake of goodies that were made for us guests.  The last thing you want them to think is that we just ate a 2500 calorie chinese meal.  So I got a plate, put some cucumbers, cauliflower, ranch dip, bread thing with creamy cheese, 2 cream puffs and a dessert bar on it.  I did not want them to think I didn’t appreciate all the hard work they went to in preparing this wonderful food for us.  Then I did what anybody who just ate a full chinese combo meal would do, I ate everything on the plate!

Yes I to fell off the wagon, but the difference is that I am getting back on right now!  Normally this day would turn in to a full binging weekend and I will not let it happen this time.  My dear dissapointed diet buddies, make me a promise.  If I fall off the wagon again…just run me over!

Shannon-With a stomach ache and gas 😦

BTW my fortune cookie said: You deserve special treatment this month.  Enjoy dessert.


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I Caught Hershey’s Cheating On Me!


As I have said before Hershey’s and I have had an ongoing affair for over 30 years.  When Angie and I ventured out on our weight loss journey I finally told Hershey’s it was over.  It’s not like we have not had time apart before because we have. Our time apart is usually short lived though because Hershey’s continues to stalk me and I give into it’s seductive temptation.  The worst is when I am out in public especially a convenience store or grocery store.  It seems like my day will be going great and then I will turn a corner and there they are exposing all of their goodies to me.  It is incredibly embarrassing when I can’t resist and fall into temptation right  there in public.  I feel so shameful hiding the evidence on my way home to my family.  This time I am stronger though and I refuse to go back! 

So it should not be a surprise to see Hershey’s with someone else.  It has happened before I have seen them with men, women and children.  They have no preference, I think they take the discrimination thing waaay to far.  Then again who am I to judge?  However this time is different, it has hit me right in the heart!  Yesterday I was at the store with my best diet buddy ever Angie, shopping for healthy stuff of course.  I knew Hershey’s was in there I could smell them and I even glanced at their seductive attire as I quickly walked by the isle.  As strong I am right now nothing could have prepared me for what was waiting around the corner for me.  There they were in all of their chocolaty goodness, wrapped snuggly in the arms of another woman!  Usually I am able to contain my disappointment, but this time was the ultimate betrayal.  My best diet buddy ever, Angie was standing there caressing Hershey’s and laughing boisterously.  Two of my best buddies ever, together being sleazy right the in the middle of the store, in front of me! WWTFF!!!  No wonder she is a half bulimic, this has probably been going on for years.  I should have paid closer attention to the signs.

A very betrayed Shannon

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I am such a feakin’ slacker!  I just need to confess… I had a candy bar today (okay, two) and one yesterday and I haven’t drank near enough water and I haven’t exercised once this week.  Why you ask… well my dad has always said “excuses are like  ass holes every ones got one, some just stink more than others.”  So I am going to try and offer some less stinky excuses and motivate myself back on track.

  • It is an emotional, tiring, crappy time of month! 
  • It was a busy weekend and I didn’t get enough rest
  • Work is really busy right now
  • My house is messy
  • I like being fat and not fitting into any of my clothes and looking at skinny clothes thinking someday I will be able to where those while doing nothing about it
  • I like how my fat bobbles when I run
  • I like when little kids tell me I have a really big belly, butt, whatever…
  • My all time favorite excuse… But I am a single mom… Oh wait!  That is why I need to lose weight and look hot!

Okay… point made… no good excuses.  I am obviously just returning to poor habits to cope with life. 

Here is my question though… is there any easy way to change bad habits?  I am starting to realize it is nothing short of a battle and I am losing if I am not fighting it constantly.  I guess it is time to put the boxing gloves back on and get tough before I get my butt kicked and end up the world’s fattest single woman still hoping to find some fine fella!

-Devil A


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