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Our Fabulous Featured Friends

Big things coming our way!


This page is under construction.  Please visit us at our blog until we get things up and running! 

We are very excited for what is coming our way in the near future!  This journey has introduced us to so many wonderful people and opened up some very cool opportunities.  We are in the process of setting up our new website, EXCITING!  The sooner we can understand all of this techy stuff the sooner it will be up.  We want to say thanks to everyone who has and is helping us with this.  We could not do it without all of you!

In this transition we are planning on adding many things to our site.  Here are a few things we are thinking about:

  •  Food and product reviews  * Ask us to try something out, we will try it and give our report.
  •  Utah restaurant and health related business reviews. *We need UTAH places and suggestions, please send them our way.
  • Video blogging *This will take some work but we will figure it out 😉
  •  Fabulous Deals Store *What would you like to see in it? Clothing, accessories, jewelry, food?  Let us know!
  • Dear Fab Fattie section *You can ask a question and we will answer kind of like Dear Abby but with us instead, lol.
  • More Fab Fattie Challenges, YAY!  *Prizes needed to do this more often if you want to contribute let us know.

 All of this revolves around YOUR INPUT so we are looking at suggestions from YOU!  Please leave us ideas and what you would like to see in the comment section.  We want this to be a joint effort so the end result is FABULOUS!

We have some upcoming events that we would love for you to listen to:

  • Starting July 3rd we will be guests on a weekly podcast with our new friends on twitter they are @CELEBSIDEDISHand you can catch their podcast HERE 
  • We are going to be on Power Women Magazine’s radio show on July 21st.
  • We will be a guest on Debra Mazda’s radio show…date to be determined.

This is all very humbling and we really are thrilled to have the opportunities that this journey has opened up.  Please continue to let us know your thoughts and opinions we love them! 

XO Shannon & Angie


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Fabulous Friend Spotlight

Our FABULOUS friend of the day is Kathy!  She is absolutely amazing.  If you do not follow her on twitter you should be! @KKirkscey is her twitter name.  She has been cheering us on from the start and her story is amazing.  She is an inspiration to us and we are so glad to have met her!

Kathy Before Her Weight Loss

Kathy Before Her Weight Loss

I was kind of chubby as a child, and then had some thin years. I got married when I was 23, and have now been married for almost 30 years to my wonderful husband Brant who has loved me whether I was fat or thin! When I was pregnant with my first daughter at the age of 27, I gained a ton of weight. After she was born, I lost most of it. But after my son was born when I was 29, and I quit work to be a stay-at-home Mom, I got really heavy. When my son was about three years old, I went on a crazy diet that I found in a magazine. That actually worked, and I lost the weight, up until my youngest daughter was born. I was still OK, just a little overweight. But as the years went by, I slowly put on more weight. When I was 50, I honestly thought I looked OK, and I felt fine. I felt fine until I saw my doctor for a routine physical, and he told me that I was obese!

Kathy After She Lost 50 Pounds!

Kathy After She Lost 50 Pounds!


That is when I lost over 50 pounds in 2006 when I was 50 years old.  I think the whole key to losing weight and maintaining it, is that you have to adopt a healthy lifestyle forever. This is not something that you can start and stop like a crazy fad diet. I think exercise is really important, and everyone should find something active that they really enjoy doing. A good support network is also really important to maintaining a healthy lifestyle.  Something else helped me lose weight and keep it off this time. I finally realized that this was really about my health, not just about the way I looked or what size I wore. Thinking about my health keeps me eating right and exercising.  I’m sure you will get to your weight loss goals if you just stick with a healthy lifestyle plan. I always think about all the diets that are advertised with people who lost a lot of weight, and then it says “results not typical.” I think that is because what really matters is the person and their commitment, not the diet plan.  Also, from personal experience I think the only plan that will work is one that is sustainable forever.  You can’t ever really go back to your old ways (although you can cheat every now and then!)  That’s why I think the only diet plan that makes sense is eating regular healthy food, and exercising a lot.  I know it is hard for a lot of people to fit exercise into their busy routines.  I am so lucky that I discovered running and really love it!
Kathy’s Weight Loss Tips:
  • Make changes to a healthy lifestyle slowly, one step at a time. 
  •  Exercise more, eat healthy. As you get good results (you will!), add more changes.
  • Don’t make changes that are not sustainable over the long run.
  • If you go back to your old ways, you will look and feel like the old you.
  • If you slip up (you will!), get back to your healthy lifestyle plan as soon as possible. This is for the rest of your life!  

*We would love to hear your weight loss stories!  Send them to


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Fabulous Friend Post Swap

Today we have another guest blog post.  This one is from our FABULOUS friend Vanessa.  She is on a weightloss journey just like us and she has a blog to document her journey.  For us this journey takes a group effort and thanks to all of the wonderful people like Vanessa we are having great success.  You can follow Vanessa on twitter under @nessapaige make sure to follow her blog as well by clicking here.  Thanks for sharing your blog post with us Vanessa!

How I see myself

I was supposed to write this over the weekend but had no chance. Here goes:

When I was 17 and 135 pounds I thought I was perfectly built. I felt fantastic about myself, might have liked to have a bigger chest but I never lacked for attention. I felt gorgeous and happy with my physical appearance. I maintained my weight and never exercised or watched what I ate.

10 years later at 27 and I was 160 pounds with a much larger chest (natural) and feel like dirt. I’ve got a jelly belly and I feel enormous. I still get attention but I no longer feel good about me. I think everyone is lying to me when they say I look great but maybe if I walked a bit the flab would firm and I’d feel better.

Today…Oh god today. I’m 30 years old right now. I’m approximately 225 pounds and looking back on the old me I realize that in high school I was far too skinny. I had no idea what I really looked like even then. I looked in the mirror and saw a pretty girl but I didn’t see that I really looked sickly. My wrists were so thin that a child’s watch was nearly too big and my hip bones stuck out. I may have been cute but I was not the picture of health I believed myself to be. At 160 I was not ideal either, mostly because I didn’t properly take care of my body. I smoked, drank a ton of pop, NEVER exercised. I truly think that if I had chosen to exercise at that point in my life like I do now I would have been able to attain the ideal body for me which may have been at the same weight but much more tone. Today I realize I don’t see myself like I really am. I know a girl who is approximately the same size as I am but I see her as much smaller than me. If I had to venture a guess I would say that I probably see myself as about 50-75 pounds heavier than I really am. Why is that? I don’t want to get to my ideal weight and still see myself as fat/obese/overweight. I want to view myself correctly but don’t even know how.

Today I don’t smoke, drink no pop and limit my tea. I’m walking and exercising almost every day. I have big plans for myself and I am feeling good about me but I just can’t help but see more than is really there. I can’t even begin to understand why I can’t see me and not an overgrown version of me.

*If you are interested in doing a post swap let us know 🙂

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Fabulous Friend of the Day…Diet Girl Mel


Our Fabulous Friend of the day is Diet Girl Mel. 

She has been one of the first people to support us on here.  It has been so much fun getting to know her.  We love her blog and the little video clips she does. Just like us she is on a journey to lose weight and be healthy.  A little about her from her blog:

Diet Girl Mel
Ashburn, Virginia, United States
I’m a normal girl with a serious problem. I like yummy tasting, but fattening foods.
But all that’s changing now Just watch!
Check out her blog here: and you can follow her on twitter @DietGirlMel

Thanks for being such a Fabulous Friend Mel!  We are so happy to have you on this journey with us 🙂

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True Colors

When I talked to Angie on the phone this morning as usual about our song of the day and she said True Colors by Cindi Lauper, I didn’t immediately fall in love with the idea. When I can personally relate to something that everyone considers “old” I don’t usually jump all over it. So I got online and found the song, when I listened to it I knew right away that it had to be the song of the day. So thanks Angie for putting me back in the 80’s.
However the reason I chose it as today’s post as well, is because I was on twitter with Josh a.k.a. BladeLOL, if you are not following him you need to be, he rocks! He has been inspiring to me from day 1 on here and I want to tell you a little about him. What first intrigued me was that he has lost 250 pounds. Now when you see a workout maniac superman who eats everything right telling you they lost 250 pounds its like wow, cool but you really can’t picture it. This morning we are talking back and forth on twitter and he sends a before picture of himself. All I can say is WOW! It really hit me as I was looking at the picture what he has had to do to be at the place he is right now. Obviously he looks different, but is he the same person as he was before? Some people will lose weight and say they are the exact same, some will lose it and everyone else will say they have changed. This is where True Colors comes into play in my mind.
It made me think about what if I would have met him in a crowd in his before form? Would he be as funny, helpful and outgoing as he is today in his after form? I know more than anyone that there is a difference between me fat and me healthy. I am happier when I feel healthy and I fit into my clothes. I talk to people more, I dare to try things that I would never do when I am fat. When I am fat I hold back, use the swear word “can’t” way to much and seclude myself as much as possible.

I guess what I am getting at is that we limit ourselves and our abilities by being overweight. We don’t let our True Colors shine through. Does that change who we are? Maybe a little but change is always good when it is for the better. No matter how our outside appearance may look to others, our hearts do not change. We have strengths they just magnify themselves when we are in a positive place. So today take a step in a positive direction and let yourself shine!

A Shiney Shannon

To find out how Josh has done this check out his blog:





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Fabulous Friends Of The Day

Today our Fabulous Friend Post Swap is with our crazy friends the Random Anorexics.  Don’t panic they are being very sarcastic.  That’s why we love them so much!  They like us are in a battle with weight and express it in the most hilarious ways.  Note to you…yes you reading this.  If you are to serious then sorry you probably won’t like their stuff and FYI they are potty mouths…Again another reason we find them so fabulous.  To visit their site click here    Also if you would like to do a post swap let us know!

Random Anorexics Know Best

The most obvious advice we can give to a person trying not to be fat — and one that Skinny Lady and I forget to follow on occasion — is to stay away from places that sell food when you’re hungry. Following are some examples as to what may occur should you fail to comply:

  • You eat a blini (a Russian crepe) from a farmer’s market for lunch. Then you stop by Whole Foods on the way home and buy a falafel wrap and eat that for lunch too.
  • Your husband finds you in the bread aisle at the grocery store 25 minutes after sending you there. You can’t decide on just one loaf and would have bought three if Skinny Man didn’t show up.
  • You impulsively buy fattening food and snacks and then impulsively eat them at home just to get it out of your sight.
  • You wake up early on a Monday morning and ask your husband to make you french toast with the pumpkin walnut bread you stupidly purchased the day before when you went to the market hungry.



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Fabulous Friend Post Swap


This is something New that we thought about.  We have so many Fabulous Friends that have awesome websites and blogs.  We thought it would be fun to “Post Swap”.  We choose our favorite post of yours and you choose your favorite post of ours to share.  If you want to participate in this just let us know.  It is a great way to showcase all of the Fabulous people who are helping us on our journey!

Today we are swapping with our friend from twitter KCLAnderson.  Just like us she is fighting the fat and winning!  She has so many awesome posts on her site it was hard to choose but the following post is the one we chose to swap today.  To visit her site click here  We can all learn something if we dare to let ourselves bloom!

Hello Opened Eyes!

Written by Karen on March 27, 2009 – 11:14 am


“And the day came when the risk it took to remain tightly closed in a bud was more painful that the risk it took to bloom.” – Anais Nin

I was reminded of this quote when, as I walked along Ocean Avenue towards the beach, I saw a flower blooming – the first one I’ve seen this year.

I remember what it felt like when I took the risk to bloom. I also remember the pain of remaining tightly closed in a bud. Recently I’ve been more like half closed bud and half bloom…not sure what I want.

On a more practical note, earlier this week I commited myself to counting/logging my calories at at least six days a week. Eating intuitively and mindfully is a wonderful thing, but I need to re-discover what that really means and I think the only way to do it is to get it down on (cyber) paper. It’s also a small way for me to get over my fear of, and resistance to, setting a goal. Funny thing, I recently read that, in addition to being the Constitution State, Connecticut is also the Land of Steady Habits…hmmmm

Then a friend of mine put this oldy-but-goody out there: “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” (Albert Einstein)

And you know what? On my run, I realized that this is exactly what I was doing: eating the same old same old and expecting to lose weight. Now, one thing I have done is cut back and make better choices, but that is only enough to stop me from gaining – it’s not enough to get lighter! Hello opened eyes!!

That’s one of the reasons I love to run: it’s moving meditation, it’s opened eyes, it’s about what I can do, not what I can’t, it’s being in half bloom and being okay with it, it’s crying at the beauty of it all.

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